It Seems That My Children Are Not Trained

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  • hamsterbait

    IGNORE the old professional virgins in Brothel.

    Not one of them had a normal sex life, or children. Ignore them.

    Bestow a gift of joy on your kids, not fear.

    When you or they die,

    1: if there is no god or resurrection, you won't find out.

    2: if there is a God and a resurrection, and he doesn't give you one, you won't find out.

    3: if there is a God and a resurrection, and he gives you one, be grateful as hell you didn't wreck their one and only childhood with brutality. (there will be enough of that after Armageddy too)

    4: if there is a hell and you are sent there, make sure you say hello to all your friends.


  • r51785

    It is just so demanding being a witness. So freaking demanding. Besides the meetings, the family studies and the field service, both my wife and I have full time jobs and we have the children to care for. If I miss even one weekend of field service I have to answer an to an interrogation. Since becoming an elder it has just become worse. There is so much to do that I have absolutely no time for myself. No time at all.


    Jesus said that the truth will set you free.

    Do you feel free?

    If not, maybe its because you really aren't "in the truth."

  • sf


    pl. truths (trz, trths) KEY

    1. Conformity to fact or actuality.
    2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
    3. Sincerity; integrity.
    4. Fidelity to an original or standard.
      1. Reality; actuality.
      2. often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.


      Middle English trewthe , loyalty, from Old English trowth ; see deru- in Indo-European roots

      truth , veracity , verity , verisimilitude

      These nouns refer to the quality of being in accord with fact or reality. Truth is a comprehensive term that in all of its nuances implies accuracy and honesty [ this is far from what the WATCHTOWER ORGANIZATION truly IS, if not completely null and void of ]: "We seek the truth, and will endure the consequences" (Charles Seymour). Veracity is adherence to the truth: "Veracity is the heart of morality" (Thomas H. Huxley). Verity often applies to an enduring or repeatedly demonstrated truth: "beliefs that were accepted as eternal verities" (James Harvey Robinson). Verisimilitude is the quality of having the appearance of truth or reality: "merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative" (W.S. Gilbert).

      Thesaurus: synonyms for truth

      free (fr) KEY


      fre·er , fre·est

      1. Not imprisoned or enslaved; being at liberty.
      2. Not controlled by obligation or the will of another: felt free to go.
        1. Having political independence: "America . . . is the freest and wealthiest nation in the world" (Rudolph W. Giuliani).
        2. Governed by consent and possessing or granting civil liberties: a free citizenry.
        3. Not subject to arbitrary interference by a government: a free press.
        1. Not affected or restricted by a given condition or circumstance: a healthy animal, free of disease; free from need.
        2. Not subject to a given condition; exempt: income that is free of all taxes.
        3. Not subject to external restraint: "Comment is free but facts are sacred" (Charles Prestwich Scott).
        4. Not literal or exact: a free translation.
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              9. Linguistics
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                3. ADVERB:

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                  TRANSITIVE VERB:

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                  2. To relieve of a burden, obligation, or restraint: a people who were at last freed from fear.
                  3. To remove obstructions or entanglements from; clear: free a path through the jungle.


                  for free Informal

                  Without charge.


                  Middle English fre , from Old English fro . V., from Middle English freen from Old English fron , to love, set free; see pr- in Indo-European roots

                  OTHER FORMS:

                  freely (Adverb), freeness (Noun)

                  Thesaurus: synonyms for free


                  It would appear then, after review of these terms, that indeed, the WATCHTOWER BOOK PUBLISHING CORP., that leads/ governs the Jehovah's Witnesses "Religion", does not equate freedom, nor truth. Simply.

                  Your childrens freedom, your families freedom and truth should be utmost in your mind.


              10. minimus

                Gary, tell the elders that they are under the care of their pediatrician. (Perhaps they have a ADD or ADHD type of issue or not). Tell them that they cannot interfere with whatever the doctors say and that they were quite unkind to have the entire BOE confront you in this way. Truthfully, it's your cue to see the light and get out. You know it's all bull anyway.......This is the PERFECT time to get your wife out!!!! You need not all to be depressed. You're so young! Enjoy life!!!!!

              11. LDH
                My siblings are the same.

                In fact, one of my sisters says that in all the years she was growing up in the truth she never really knew what they were talking about. Because although she went to all the meetings and in field service, she didn't really know what they taught because she never really listened.

                And yet, you are concerned about losing your family? It seems to me you are all just sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting to see who will be brave enough to be the first one to leave.....


                Brave Class

              12. Es

                I know what i would be doing is handing in me resignation of an elder and leave.

                you poor thing and i feel for your wife too.


              13. serendipity

                (((Gary & Family))). At a minimum, please consider stepping down as an elder before you or your family cracks.

              14. Hecklerboy


                I thought about you all night. I can't imagine the pain you must be going through. Your young with a wife and kids, this should be the happiest time of your life. Instead the Watchtower Company is beating you into the ground and your family as well.

                Please for the sake of your children and your wife, get out of this mind control cult before it's too late. Take a break and spend some time with your family. Go on vacation and have some fun. Enjoy life for a change. I bet once you do you'll be able to quite taking the meds and have a much happier life. Life is too short to worry about what a bunch of old men in Brooklyn want. You can find your own way to worship God. A way that will make you and your family happy.

                I really don't think when God spoke about his "happy people" he was referring to them being on anti-depressants.

                I wish you all the best and hope everything works out.

              15. stillAwitness

                I saw this topic up for awhile and thought it was just someone who needed some advice because maybe there little ones were bouncing off the walls lately or something. Never did I expect that!! I learn something new everyday from people's stories on here. I cannot even believe they would say such things to you about your own kids!

              16. Shakita

                Dear Gary,

                I was associated with the Witnesses for about twenty-five years. I can remember bringing my children to the meetings and expecting them to behave. I tried to apply the WT Society's standards to my children. I was too rough on them because I thought that behaving at the meeting was pleasing to Jehovah. I wanted them to learn to be good little Witnesses. About four years ago I found out the truth about the WT. Imagine how devestated I felt raising my children in this religion. I was a staunch JW and I expected my children to behave accordingly.

                This stringent upbringing affected my children greatly. My oldest suffered the most as the oldest ones of the family normally do. Even before I found out the truth about the WT I went through years of severe depression, guilt, regret, remorse, etc. What I didn't realize is that my attempts to be perfect and expecting my family to be perfect were killing me. Instead of leaving me feeling fulfilled, I felt overwhelmed, stressed out, empty and depressed. Add to the mix that we had always struggled financially and that just exacerbated all our problems.

                I take full resposibility for my actions, but why did I make most of the decisions that I made? Because of the WT and their teaching. What was really killing me Gary and causing me great emotional turmoil was my twenty-five years of trying to please the WT. I was trying to please a group of men that spoke for me and robbed me of my right to make decisions for myself and my family. Everything in my life was micromanaged by the WT police. There was always the pressure to conform to a standard that none of us can ever live up to. Is it any wonder why so many Witnesses are suffering from mental illness?

                If Jesus's yoke is to be kindly and his load light, then why do so many Witnesses feel the exact opposite? Because they are carrying a very heavy load that the elders and the Governing Body expect all JW adherents to carry. Here you are with your three young children and your wife coming faithfully to the meetings and trying your best to participate in the ministry on a regular basis. Instead of being praised for your efforts, you are brought before your fellow elders for what seems to be a judicial matter. You are lined up before them like you are on a firing squad or like they are preparing to relive the inquisition through you.

                Let me tell you Gary, if I could go back in time to when I was a teenager and choose not to become involved with the Witnesses, that is what I would do. I can't tell you how much remorse, regret and depression I would have saved myself and my family. You have the opportunity to slip quietly away while protecting the mental health and stability of your children. Your kids are young, so they may likely not recall the few years that they attended meetings. Let them live a normal life. Let your wife live a normal life and don't let the anal retentive PO and elder body cause your wife to shed tears. Were the elders imitating Christ in their actions? All they did was add more woe and pressure to your already pressure filled and stressful life.

                If we have a God given conscience Gary, then why do we let other persons choose for us what we will decide to do with our lives? We have the right to autonomy. We have the right to make independent decisions about our lives and families without being made to feel guilty by a multi-billion dollar corporation. If you don't want to go through the regret and emotional turmoil that I have gone through, then I would urge you to cut off the WT tentacles that are holding you down and live the life that you deserve to live and that God wants you to have.

                Mr. Shakita

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