ITS FRIDAY....................................

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  • HappyDad

    This Friday.............TODAY......

    I'm applying for the perfect part time job that I have been waiting for. Flowerdelivery for a local florist.

    After being retired for two years and traveling to Florida WAY too much (I don't like Florida and would never go there again if my kid didn't live there) I want to stay home for many months and make some extra "fun" money. Sure hope I get the job!

    After that, I start working in my foyer to put a new ceiling in before it gets too cold and all my heat goes out through the porch roof.

    Then tonight, I go to my AA meeting as I have done for years. There I will be around sincere and honest people. So unlike the people I was forced to be associated with at the KH. None of this stuff for years.... I could blame the borg for this, but that was my choice on how to deal with it.


  • JH
    seeing that another friday has rolled around

    Happy birthday friday

  • Jordan

    Well, for the most of today, I'm going to be bumming around in classic student fashion, and this evening I've got work, which as I'm the most senior member in, it means I can sit back and make the minions do the work.

  • willowmoon

    HappyDad, You'll like delivering flowers, it is a fun job, I work on the other side, making the flower arrangements . We make others very happy well, except when it's a funeral, but it does give others comfort. My busiest days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then I get to not work on the days everyone else is busy. So I have the roads and stores to myself, no crowds! Hope you get the job!!

    Congratulations on selling your house Defd. Good way to end the week!!!

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