Who is the most popular poster here ? .........ummm I think I know

by vitty 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • defd

    I agree banished. I can take. It actually makes me stronger.

  • gringojj

    My 2 fav posters are tetrapod and terry.

  • vitty

    I think Defd is well liked, by most, cos hes got a sense of humour. And hes genuine, he did go off a bit a while back with his WT rhetoric but hes back to his old self, thank goodness.

    Sorry to talk about you as if your not here Defd

  • defd

    Thats ok vitty. I am used to that. Well actually Iam used to just the opposite. That would be a new experience for me.

  • vitty

    Defd, whats it like to have all this attention !!!!!!!! I mean many dont and didnt get it at the KH

  • kid-A

    Despite my problems with the WTS, there were always 'individual' witnesses that I liked and felt comfortable with.

    Derrick is a cool dude because he has a sense of humour, is willing to debate, and at least will consider the things you are saying, even if he strongly disagrees.

    Someday I will buy him a beer.......

  • defd

    Vitty to be honest with you the first 4 yrs of my 10 dedication to Jehovah I got alot of attention at the Hall. I dont Get any now because I do not want the kind they want to give. I am ok by that and at the same time sad about it.

  • upside/down

    Most "popular"...don't know.

    My fav's....Kls, Tetrapod, Terry, seattleniceguy, AlanF, gumby, avishai, hillbilly, blondie....and others.

    Since I'm a legend in my own mind....I of course LOVE....u/d!

    u/d(of the Fundies are silly class)

  • mrsjones5

    I dont know but I think Frannie is a hoot! I'm still giggling over her waxing post. Also her avatar reminds me of Flo from Mel's Dinner...remember the show "Alice"?

    "When pigs fly!"


  • vitty

    Defd Unfortunately that can be said about many who became witness as adults. We tended to always be included in the inner circle, holidays with the PO and other elders, When my husband stood down, life became unbearable, we were more or less shunned and my husband had done nothing wrong. It was a horrible 12 months, and I dont know how ppl stand it for years.

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