Who is the most popular poster here ? .........ummm I think I know

by vitty 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    what do you mean by the affects you have on some ppl ,,,,???????

    DF darling your nose is growing again!!!!! I dont think ONE of the posters here would go back to bondage if you paid them Never mind sweetie you can always dream....(((HUG))

    I love ya all no favorites You too DF

  • trevor

    There are many worthy and wonderful posters here. Popularity is not the same as quality and it depends on whether you mean popular collectively of individually.

    Let me nominate the ‘voice crying out in the wilderness.’ The quiet thoughtful voice of deep truth, integrity, the man who cuts through the jarring sects and shows the way to freedom from the tyranny of religion,. The overlooked, undervalued and awesome - James Thomas.

  • Soledad

    me dammit!!!

    on a different note: I appreciate dfed here, I really do. At first I thought he was one of those hit-and-run JW posters who make 1 or 2 inflamatory posts to get everyone riled up and then disappearing. I think my first PM to dfed was something like: F*** off! Now I actually look forward to seeing his posts here------even if he never answers my questions!

    Dfed: thanks for being here!

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