Who is the most popular poster here ? .........ummm I think I know

by vitty 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • defd


    I can count you as a return visit.

  • defd


    If you only KNEW the affect of my presence here on this board that it has had on some. That is what keeps me Going and I have no regrets.

  • OldSoul


    If I had had the kind of integrity to my own faith that you describe, I wouldn't be here. Do you believe I lack integrity too? You are misusing the word integrity, integrity is being true to yourself. Which I fully believe defd to be.

    KNOCK IT OFF. We are not here to run active JWs away or to exact vengeance for wrongs done to us on people who had damn all to do with it. You got frustrations to take out? Fine, so do I. Take it out on your local BOE or the New York elite. Don't punish someone who is already in conflict.

    If you can't get the sense of that, maybe you should go. Victims of abuse often become abusers, you know. I hope you can see what you are doing through someone else's eyes.


  • vitty

    Defd, if there was an apostafest, would you attend ????? We wouldnt tell anyone honest.

  • vitty

    Defd, what do you mean by the affects you have on some ppl ,,,,???????

  • defd


    No I wouldnt. Even though I do like a good party now and then.

  • xjwms

    It would be:

    Blondie: For knowledge and wisdom, ... an excellent teacher

    Minimus: For asking all the right questions.

    The most popular poster is not, ... defd, ... This person is new and is here just to rock your world. (undue attention)

  • bisous

    I have to confess I agree with Old Soul. My original reaction was along the line of daystar's.... but then after a bit of thought I reminded myself of what life was like in the cult. Comparisons of JWism to other religions and are inappropriate. NOT being an "upstanding"member of the Watchtower Society is a positive thing. Having the gumption to frequent our site, for whatever the PROFESSED reason, is something we should be encouraging about, not attacking. Doesn't mean we can't take a sense of humour in our approach. Gentle ribbing is one thing. Personal attacks are another.

  • Angharad
    KNOCK IT OFF. We are not here to run active JWs away or to exact vengeance for wrongs done to us on people who had damn all to do with it

    Well said.

    Some people lately seem to think that JWs that come here are fair game to harass and insult or label troll. You may not like their beliefs but they have every right to post here and express those beliefs without being insulted.

    Debate the beleifs with them, yes. But don't just attack them because you don't like what they are saying

  • banished1

    Interesting, I think you are right. If dfd stopped posting altogether here, I think he'd be sorely missed.
    We'd better not treat him too cruelly, we need him. Who would we beat up? You?
    Or maybe YOU?
    What about YOU?

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