Who is the most popular poster here ? .........ummm I think I know

by vitty 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus


  • upside/down

    Min. made a funny... u/d

  • minimus
  • vitty

    gringojj I like you

  • coolhandluke

    I always look for a new post form Terry. tetrapod always helps me to think at reevaluate my own position. Daystar is just damned supportive of everyone. JH is hilarioius, topped only by upside/down. If Damselfly ever posts, I read it. I always get something from it. Even though she is an irratic poster Ingenuous is one of my favorites

  • kls

    Mini , when did you turn into a brown M&M

  • daystar
    Daystar is just damned supportive of everyone.

    Except for defd.

  • coolhandluke
    Except for defd.

    OOHHH! I felt that in my gut

  • Ozner

    Ozner is my most popular poster!

  • onacruse

    I totally go with Angharad and Ozzie, and others, on this.

    Good lord, how many of you have any idea how much I was "still a JW" (though disfellowshipped) when I joined this discussion board?

    If I'd been slammed in the face (perhaps, even justifiably so) for being a numb-nuts brain-dead idiot, then I would quickly have left this place, and very possibly still be stuck in the mire of my own self-delusions.

    I will say this: If a poster here demonstrates, after extended discussions and demonstrable evidence have been provided, that they then seem to simply refuse to acknowledge it...even something so simple as admitting "Gee, I never thought of that...let me get back to you"--then there does come into play a certain amount of reasonable suspicion about the intents of that poster.

    I can use myself as an example of that process, to which most any poster here can testify.

    Otherwise, attacking someone, simply for the sake of attacking them, or having some "fun" with them, is, imnsho, despicable.


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