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  • FlyingHighNow

    Hello, everybody. I wish I could post something to each and everyone of you like I did earlier. I have to get cracking though because I start work again tomorrow after 5 weeks vacation and leave of absence. I will say thank you, Stilla. And Ms. Whip, you make quite an impact with that avatar, moniker and your fiesty, assertive posts. You are true to yourself and that's great. I like it when a woman is tough and feminine at the same time...a good combo. Kind of like Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark. When I first came on board here, a lot of the guys rubbed me the wrong way, too. But most of them grow on you and they evolve, too. You'll see.

    Jourles, I forgot to say that your avatar reminds me more of the Waldo character in the Little Rascals/Our Gang Comedies. Quite cute and nothing like Hitler. Maybe sometime tomorrow I'll be able to get back and give each one of you a mention. Sleep well, JWD friends.

  • chrissy

    Ow, when you come back, can you decode me FHN? Do I have an online personality? :) maybe i dont post enough relevant material for analysis.... in real life I am friendly and seemingly open, but actually hard to get to know. nighty night, little northeasterner.

  • Gretchen956

    I tend to ramble too, I am very outspoken, I wear my heart on my sleeve (oh yea thats in real life), all in all I don't know, I think some people probably think I am a bore, some may think I'm a flake, some may not give a ratz a$$, and some like me. Who knows! I really don't spend a lot of time worrying about it. However I have been told that I do have a reputation on here, and then they clammed up. That usually means (in junior high school code) that people think one of the first things mentioned. ****yawn****


  • doofdaddy

    Maybe the thread should be what do we think of other posters, as talking about myself is a little presumptuous.

    I have no idea what others think of me.

  • Tigerman

    I don't care about my image, but I do think Ms. Whip needs me to go over to her house and calm her down . . .in a " lovin" sort of way.

  • Virgogirl

    How's my hair?

  • void

    Well I am just new... So not much of a reputation.

    One person I do admire is IP_SEC, I dont know how he manages to do what he does. I can barely step foot in a hall with out having about a 1000 panic attacks in my head.

  • Sassy

    I used to have a reputation of being sweet.. well that is what people used to tell me..

    mostly I probably have one of being absent.. since I dont' post like I used to..

  • Rabbit

    Well, unlike the fiesty monkey gurl, rabbits can't fling their poo. But, I can leave it lying around so folks will know I was here.

    As far as what people think of me ? Dunno, good question.

    Hopefully, passionate or kind comes to mind. I respect empathetic people and try to be the same. But, who knows...? It's so hard to get a real idea of people using only typed words.


  • Leolaia
    I think I've fallen out of favor over the last couple of years or so. Does my avatar offend? Does he look too much like Hitler?

    Nah. Maybe a close relative of Charlie Chaplin tho.

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