~Your image, reputation here at JWD~

by FlyingHighNow 99 Replies latest jw friends

  • wanderlustguy

    Maybe that I have an attitude problem?

  • littlerockguy

    I dont think Im noticed that much here let alone have a reputation.

  • lazyslob

    It´s the same as in my last congregation. If they read "Lazyslob is no longer JW" everybody would go "who´s Lazyslob?"

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    With some, it's inflated.....I'm not worthy.

    With others, non-entity, old fart, brainless wonder, blonde bimbo.

    Feast or famine, eh?

    Do I give a ratsass?

    Frannie (of the "Frankly, m'dear" class)

  • Jourles

    I think I've fallen out of favor over the last couple of years or so. Does my avatar offend? Does he look too much like Hitler?

    Nobody likes me. I think I'll go eat some worms and snails.

  • SixofNine

    :What impression do you think you make here at JWD? What do people think of you?

    That all depends on how respectful of the headship arrangement they are.

  • jgnat

    Jourles, you were simply a victim of internet-alzheimers. Anyone who fails to post for a month or more is automatically forgotten.

  • jaffacake

    My posts are usually too long, too preachy, dry and lack humour. I also tend to get into historical, biblical or doctrinal issues, a real turn off for many, so I no doubt have a reputation for making folks yawn.

    In real life I'm quite the opposite, but I came to this board with a serious problem, so I'm on something of a mission!. When its resolved I'll lighten up & you'll see the real Jaffacake...Yippeee

  • damselfly

    I have no idea what you all think of me

    I love you all any way because you make my bad days better.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Trevor, you are NOT invisible. I always notice you. My sweetheart has an uncle that does sound for

    TV shows and movies. His name is Robert Black, but his professional name is Trevor, which is kind of

    Robert backwards. I always think of that when I see your name.

    Kls, what can I say? You're one of the most fun posters here. You're fun to go back and forth with. I have a sneakin'

    suspician that in person, you look nothing like a monkey and that you don't really fling poo.

    Daystar, I love your moniker and you haven't offended me.....yet.

    upside/down, You never pi$$ me off, hon. And so far, you haven't flung any poo at me because I think you know I fight


    joelbear, How did you know I was so jealous of you, was it something I said?

    OldSoul, you really do seem like an old soul.

    JH----I agree. You're still swell with me.

    Candidly, you're wise and very funny.

    Doubtfully Yours, I can tell that you are a very passionate and intense lady. I tend to be drawn to intense people. It's

    all good.

    KID A, it was love what weakened your master so he could be seduced to the darkside of the force.

    MRs.Jones, I've told you that I really love your no nonsense, but very hip style of posting. You make me smile

    all the time.

    luna2---you're nice and have good taste in avatars and monikers.

    Wanderlustguy, no you don't have an attitude problem, but you never did reply to the one PM I sent to you.

    LittleRock Guy, you're one of the posters, when I see your name, I smile because you're obviously very sweet.

    Lazyslob--I get a kick out of your moniker and you often make me laugh. You've got a quite the self depricating sense of humor.

    Frannie, you are gorgeous and you've got wisdom with lots of Texas/southern charm thrown in. You'd give Miss Kitty

    on GunSmoke a run for her money and be her great friend.

    Jourles, you always struck me as someone very nice and I love your moniker.

    Six, that's probably why you like me so much, because I was pretty bad at being in subjection. I was fiesty and

    passionate. Still am. Yes, I know you're one of my biggest fans because I'm such a loud mouthed broad.

    Jaffa, I don't think of you the way you described yourself at all. I always notice your name and avatar and you're always

    polite and conversational.

    If I missed anyone, my profound apologies. It was my failing vision, not an intentional oversight. Jgnat, you're one of the

    gracious ladies of JWD. Dams, your avatar and moniker are very feminine, as are your posts in a good way.

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