~Your image, reputation here at JWD~

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  • ColdRedRain

    To me, Sass, you have more of a take charge matriarchal reputation. You can dictate the speed of a board.

  • Soledad

    Hey, what other people think of me is none of my business!

    Hmmm.......I'm not sure what the general feeling is about me..........Ah knows Gumby and Minimus secretly love me and that I make a few on here laugh a great deal, but other than that, I haven't a clue
    Well then I'll tell you what I think! I love how you don't mince words and tell it like it is! When it comes to the WTS nonsense it's like you're constantly telling "them":

  • FlyingHighNow

    Wow, a lot of replies. Again, I can't got back and reply to each one of you. I'm a working woman again. I'm so tired tonight.

    Country Woman, you always strike me as wise and down to earth, a loving mamma. Defed, I don't hate you.

    Ballistic, thank you for breaking into song for me. It didn't go unoticed.

    Some of you I know better than others. I felt like we could all get to know a little more about you, by looking at your perception of the impact you make here. For those who feel you are invisible, you're not, it's more likely you aren't rubbing people the wrong way. I appreciate reading what each of you has to say. It makes you more real to me, seeing these comments on this thread.

    I get all kinds of reactions to my posts. Some are positive and appreciative. Sometimes I offend people. Sometimes I amuse people. I think I am starting to mellow here. Maybe that's because of the twist of events currently in my life. Maybe it's just that I am settling more comfortably into middle age.

  • stillajwexelder

    just cos I do not want your thread to die FHN

  • FlyingHighNow
    just cos I do not want your thread to die FHN

    Stilla, you strike me as someone who loves your family very much. And someone who'd be much happier if your wife would wake up like you have. That and you love feminine beauty.

  • stillajwexelder

    FHN - you have just read me 100%- congratulations- a friend of my wifes once said "Men are veryb simple really and very easy to read, they are not as complex as women"

  • seawolf

    He's not the only one that loves feminine beauty ;)

  • Cygnus

    I think I'm liked because I try to be honest about myself and my faults, and I'm respected because I am decently intelligent and can add some thoughtful points to certain threads.

    Plus, I really love it when I get a PM from another veteran of the exJW online community and they say something like "Hey Cyg, remember me from H2O? How the hell are ya?"

    edited to add: Simon Green definitely doesn't like me, and since my most recent deletion from the board last month I'm still stuck at 25 replies a day, which sucks, I miss my 75. A lonely disabled guy with tons of time and guts to spill like me could use more than 1 new topic and 25 replies.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, Cyg and you have that cute lil hat.

  • Sparkplug


    Maybe the thread should be what do we think of other posters, as talking about myself is a little presumptuous.

    I have no idea what others think of me.

    I think you seem pretty interesting so far!

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