national service

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  • PaulJ
    But if they refuse to do the press ups, what then?

    No dinner. It cannot be simpler for them.

  • blondie

    Some countries in Africa already have national service and there was a WT article on that regarding it being a JW's choice to participate but it was weighted to the idea that all JWs should or be personally responsible for any sanctions the government took.

    So far nothing in the US but there are volunteer programs to sign up for similar to the Peace Corps but within the US.


  • Ellie

    Scotsman, I said it wouldn't make things any worse, I'm sure in a lot of cases it would make things better.

  • scotsman

    Is there also to be a suspension of Human Rights between the ages of 16-18?

  • Tez

    Okay.. waded through a load of your comments.. Lets stop a mo and think! Why are these kids like this in the first place... yes often it is their background and upbringing, or the association they keep, maybe they are more deprived, I was brought up in a deprived situation, with abusive parents but I have turned my life round, without help from anyone! Yeah National Service seems a bit harsh, but were the system changed somewhat, that they had to do 6 months not two years, and they had a choice if they wanted to progress further.... Some kids just haven't got a sense of direction, how many of us when we were 16 - 18 knew exactly what we wanted??? As well many have not had the benefit of being brought up with respect and discipline, many do not have respect for themselves let alone anyone else, which is why they abuse themselves with drugs. The attitude today is 'whats the point'?, they perhaps need showing that they can improve their lot!!! They need to see that they can learn certain skills to cope with life. They need to learn self control... Oh!!!!!!!!!! I am so incensed by this subject!! and frustrated because much as we all feel that something should be done.... we can't agree! so no wonder there are so many out there without a sense of purpose in life.. and now I am waffling and not making much sense to I will shut up!!!!

  • talesin

    Israel has national service ... 2 years. Once you land on Israeli soil, if you are Jewish, then you are inducted. Happened to a friend of mine. Three months later, he was in hospital, having been shot while doing border patrol. It did something to him, being forced into service ...

    The problem is that we still have a feudal system,,, the poor are raised to believe (and rightly so) that they have little to look forward in life that will bring them joy, other than being a rat on a treadmill that feeds the rich ... our whole system of government and trade sucks, and we need an overhaul for the whole WORLD, not just Britain.

    hehe, 2 pence


  • katiekitten

    I disagree that its just a case of more and more and earlier and earlier resources.

    This board is full of people who have had the most horrendous childhoods and life circumstances to deal with, and they have managed not to turn into lifes needy and greedy. They have somehow managed to salvage their life into something positive that is not just one big mess for society to fund.

    Life is full of givers and takers, and the takers will take and take and take as much as you are willing to give. The one thing they absolutely refuse to do it take some responsibility for solving their own problems. The givers (you and me, and everyone else who is concerned about society) continue to give and give, and worry if they are giving the right help at the right time, if it is enough, if it will help the takers enough to get them out of their spiral of helplessness.

    The takers are LOVIN' it! We enable them.

    I honestly think there is one difference between these perennial takers, and the people who manage to claw back some self esteem and make something of themselves - and that is the willingness to put some effort in. Those that even bother to try a little bit generally get some place better eventually. There are enough givers out there just waiting and willing people to help themselves.

  • talesin

    If money ceased to be the bottom line, and personal fulfillment was valued above all, we would see that there are very few truly 'lazy' people. Lack of motivation and disillusionment that leads to a do-nothing attitude does not equal laziness. Take that same person, and have them do something they enjoy, and they will flourish.

    Ah,,, pie in the sky!

    I know, I'm a dreamer ... but I'm not the only one.


  • talesin

    katie, I had a teacher like you .. she was the only reason I survived junior high school. I have tried to find her to thank her, but had no luck.

    So, in her place, I will thank YOU for being that kind of teacher.


  • scotsman

    Tez & KK

    You both give examples of people who have turned their lives around from difficult circumstances, without national service. It offers no further guarantee that life's "takers" will turn in to "givers" (my god, is this turning into a gay thread?) nor will more funding. My arguement against national service is that it a treatment of symptoms rather than cause, and therefore a very short term form of solution.

    Welcome to the human race.

    KK, apart from a good thrashing, I don't know.

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