You Won't Believe....

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  • ezekiel3

    Richies' update is finally read in the EZ3 household...

  • minimus

    They restored all your ---- what? Spell that proper now, son.

  • ezekiel3

    Regarding sir82's post:

    No offense, but to any such WT "spies", a 17 year old non-pioneer, non-appointed brother is kind of "small potatoes"

    I would think they would use information gleaned from this board very judiciously, and only against those who are perceived as a threat to the power brokers. You are only a threat to other youth in your local congregation, & perhaps a few other ones. And we know how little they think of the JW youth.

    I disagree completely.

    Consider Richie's activities in the last year:

    1. Posting pictures on his bethel tour mocking Governing Body members
    2. Invention of the "protest check" which has since been contibuted to the WTS in boxes around the world.
    3. Marketing his own line of aposta-wear on-line
    4. Flagrantly posting his picture and name
    5. Promoting and revealing apostate activity (with pictures) at a district convention
    6. Quickly becoming "famous" in the apostate community

    If the WTS were to go after someone, then Richie is on their "most wanted" list.

    His actions seem to show that:

    1. Active JWs can post apostate messages and pictures with impunity
    2. The elder body is oblivious
    3. Thus, other lurking JWs can come out of the closet without fear.

    The complete disregard of Richie's bahavior has made me believe that there is little or no official monitoring of this site. Maybe a rogue JW could bring this to the WTS attention, but I do not beleve in a WTS MI-5.

    The Babylonians partied while their city fell. Babylon the Great is no different.

  • zev

    yeah.....the long arm of watchtower law will reach out and touch richie very very soon.

    the spys and snoops are here my friend.

    wolfs in sheeps clothing. the real wolves!

  • Euphemism

    No offense to Richie, who is a great guy, but I don't think the WTS is fazed by 17-year-olds selling t-shirts.

    Ex-Witnesses have been picketing conventions, putting up stickers in the bathrooms, handing out leaflets, etc. for the last thirty years. As fun as the checks stunt was, I'm sure they were promptly thrown in the wastebasket by the money-counters; just as the stickers were promptly removed by the cleaning crews, etc.

    I do believe that exes--as a group--are one of the biggest threats the WTS currently faces. But I don't believe that headquarters is really worried about any particular individual 'apostate', unless they're able to divulge secrets, or are in a position to cause real legal trouble.

  • ezekiel3

    Yet look what Richie signifies: blatant finger in your face apostacy from the ranks.

    If his is no more than a "blip" on the radar to the WTS, fine. But the stones he throws are liable to become an avalanche of similiar dissenters.

    Welcome aboard lurkers.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Ritchie after you hand in your DA letter, you should let your mom in on your online JWD persona. That would be the funniest thing EVER.


  • ballistic

    Funniest thread I saw in ages....

    The news has just hit CNN in fact...

  • RichieRich

    Thanks Zeke and ballistic.

    And yeah. one person can't make a difference. Tell that to Simon, Quotes, Randy Watters, Gary Busselman, DannyHaszard, Kwintestal, Shunned father, and everyone else who is fighting to make a difference.

    As individuals, we are weak and unimportant. Together, we are strong, and a force to be afraid of.

    I'm doing my share. Get to work on extracting that rafter from your eye, and then you work with us.

  • jgnat

    Oooh, Richie, do me a favor. Go to college and learn lots. Be an enterprising young man and put that marvellous mind to work. Become rich in all ways that matter. Be a leader, inspire the troops, strategize, and be wise.

    It is true, each one of us can make a difference. I can hardly wait to see what you grow up to be. I am sure it will be interesting! (And it won't involve a suit and tie).

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