You Won't Believe....

by RichieRich 136 Replies latest jw friends

  • happehanna

    I do believe it ..........Hilarious!!

    so so funny!

  • luna2

    Well, there ya go. Can't put one over on the elders, can you. Kind of too bad about getting all those marvy "privileges" back though. I'm sure you've been missing parroting WT answers back straight out of the paragraphs and giving talks in the TMS. The mic handler thing might be ok, though. Better to walk around doing something during the WT study rather than having to just sit there getting your Mom's elbow in your side every time your eyes drift shut.

    Nice pic. You look so very appreciative of this happy turn of events. Love Dave's version there too. LOL

    Kk, I'm sure your topless, big pants dance is what did the trick. It makes as much sense as anything else. hehehehe

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Thanks Richie. You have made my day. I really needed a good laugh.

    Cheers buddy.


  • prophecor

    Some folks are just born to be stars !!! Yo', call me up when they sign you up for dat' record deal, cuz.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Still rolling around the house laughing my butt off.

    Our JW bear is hiding his head in shame


  • lisavegas420

    This is the funniest thread I've seen in like forever....Thanks for making me laugh ...Richie and all the rest...


    ps...Ritchie, what did your mom say?

  • katiekitten

    Oh good point Lisa. Youre mum must be SOOO proud of you Ritchie. Your SUCH a good boy.

    Hell, were ALL proud of you!

  • Legolas
    oh yeah, that's God's hand right in that! Holy spirit my fat ass!!

    I can't help but think Richie........That since we all know that it is not the truth....Maybe God is using you to help get some people out!!!!

    What do ya think?

  • damselfly

    It was the snazzy suit!

    Elder #1 "Hmm.. how do you think Richie is doing?

    Elder #2 "Well he does dress awfully nice doesn't he?"

    Elder #1 "It's settled then, privliges restored. We want him walking the aisles with the mics so the congregation may admire him as well"

    I bet your mom is thrilled beyond belief. At least it may take some pressure off you for the start of the school year.


  • hillbilly

    Sweet Mary, Mother of God...cant you get ANYTHING right?



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