You Won't Believe....

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  • RichieRich
    I can hardly wait to see what you grow up to be.

    Me too.

    Thank you Jgnat. I made your recipe yesterday too. It turned out well.

  • RichieRich
    No offense, but to any such WT "spies", a 17 year old non-pioneer, non-appointed brother is kind of "small potatoes"

    Currently, there are 2,273 views of this thread. If one person starts thinking because of it, that will be great.

    Small potatoes yes, but at least I got some.

  • wednesday

    I have not been around here very much lately, but truly enjoyed this thread.

    Most of us here do believe they moniter this site , but generally speaking, as has been said, it is for the Big guys who have dirt on them, or someone accusing them of sex abuse etc stuff like that. U are probably most at risk from your own age group who may happen on to this site. U know how jws like to rat each other out. They would probably get extra privleges just for rating u out. So we careful of your so called friends in the congregation. Or occ we may get some lurkers on this site who are DF themselves and really PO"D about it,but hate it that u are still in good standing and posting on an apostate board, , and will rat u out just b/c they lead a bitter and twisted life. Or your mom might decide to see what u do on the internet.

    So much for the spirit guided org. I was once told that when elders make decisions to DF they are just doing what jehovah has already done in heaven. Can't believe I ever believed that .

    too funny


  • karen96

    Great pic, Richie! I bet alot of us wish we had the "small potatoes" to do that too.


  • steve2

    Everyone keeps congratulating Richie for having the balls to be so "out there" with his independent and idiosyncratic views and yet not being disfellowshiped - in fact he has just announced that the elders restored his privileges. I even congratulated Richie!

    I'm wondering though how "out there" you are, Richie. Like, have you specified which part of the US you are from, or even your congregation? Apart from your own name, have you named others so that your whereabouts could be ascertained by JW "spies"?

    The net is a fascinatingly vast place, with any sort of information - genuine or otherwise - available worldwide at the press of a button. So, I'm wondering how you would go about proving you are who you say you are. I could say I am currently an elder in good standing (I'm not incidentally), and you would not know any different. Do you get what I mean?

    So much of what passes through JWD is taken on trust, but when it seems incredible or highly unusual, I could be forgiven for wanting to know more. Call it the doubter in me - that part of me that go me out of the JWs in the first place.

  • RichieRich

    What would you like then Steve?

    My dental records and social security number?

    And as has been said before, You can't make this stuff up!! If you don't trust that my name is Richard, I'm tall, fat, and black, and I live in North Carolina, so be it.

    I am here for everyone's sake. The authenticity of my name or congregation is unimportant. You should know that from years of reading Awake!. Remember how they changed the names on the most vague general statements in the YPA articles? Did the name matter?

    Why do I need to prove who I am? Either I really am a 17 year old boy fighting his way out of the cult, or I am one hell of a fiction writer with acess to a fat kid to take pictures of and post on the internet.

    Whats the point man?

  • RichieRich

    bumping this cause I know Steve is still around.

    Send me a PM if nothing else man...

  • Euphemism

    Richie... sorry, I didn't mean to demean what you do for the cause. It's certainly a heck of a lot more than I do.

    I also think you have balls for posting so openly on the site; there are active dubs who read the site, and you are taking a chance.

    I just don't think you're a juicy enough target to need to worry about the HQ monitors. Which is just as well for you.

  • stevenyc

    there are too many steves around, this is getting confusing!!!!!!!!!


  • Jeffro

    Just think... in a few years you can give a nice upbuilding experience at a convention about nearly losing your faith but how the elders helped you become strong in the truth by lightening your heavy load of microphone duty... and how excited you were to get back your privileges after once again becoming such a great pillar of faith.

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