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  • ezekiel3


    via my Bethel contact. Everything stated by the original post is true.

    Apparently no surprise to the Bethel family as these fellows have been very "visible" lately.

    Interesting that the announcement was not postponed until the Annual Meeting (beginning of October).

  • observador

    "Feels good don't it!! My father is still PO of our congregation, and City Overseer as well. He has been heading up various convention departments for decades. He is so into his "secret decoder ring" elder stuff. The authority, the secrecy (confidentiality), etc. So I love dropping bombs like this one in his lap."

    Escaped, that's exactly what I was thinking about doing to my diehard JW brother.

    One of the things that makes this board so addicting and interesting is inside info like this.
    Good job, everyone!


  • EscapedLifer1


    Ask him about the checks. ; LOL!!

    I might just do that, after all...


  • ozziepost


    Hehe, the 50 year old anointed Tony Morris. Born in 1955 eh? How long can the charade continue?

    Too right! An awful lot of the so-called "anointed" musta needed replacing - they weren't too "faithful" were they? Where's this "faithful and discreet slave class" now?

  • ezekiel3


    Um I guess the "unfaithful slave" has been replaced by the "indiscreet slave class".

    How can you have FDS that weren't even born when the "seven angelic trumpet blasts of Revelation" were sounded?

  • truthsetsonefree

    Hey ya'll, I have been super busy today. Wow, that surely grabbed everyone's attention. Let me assure you that I am certain of this info. Interestingly enough I had heard it rumored over the weekend. How it got out I wonder. But it was announced today at Bethel. Not that I'm there but my source is reliable. The person is there. The pics are on my hard drive. How do I get them out to someone?

  • JT

    ######Interesting that the announcement was not postponed until the Annual Meeting (beginning of October).

    i thought the same thing but remember the goal of 2000 meetings was to Separate the appearance of the GB being connected to the legal corp- so from that standpoint

    a religious announcement would be completely out of place at a business meeting

    like the annual meeting of time warner to announce a new pope, etc

    wrong place to do such a thing

    just my 2

  • truthsetsonefree

    Oh, I can't say if these guys are anointed or other sheep. I would think they claim to be anointed.

  • Neo

    The JW doctrine of the anointed doesn't hold water. They say the Heaven's Door was closed in the mid-thirties. But most of today's GB was born after 1935!!

    These two new GB additions are a complete embarrassment to the Watchtower. They contradict what they themselves said:


    w99 2/1 p. 19 Our Treasure in Earthen Vessels ***


    More Additions!"

    At a Gilead graduation in 1970, Frederick Franz, then vice-president of the Watch Tower Society, told the students of the possibility that they, who were all of the other sheep with earthly hopes, might baptize someone who might claim to be of the anointed remnant. Could this happen? Well, he explained that John the Baptist was of the other sheep, and he baptized Jesus and some of the apostles. Then he went on to ask whether there still was a call for gathering in more of the remnant. "No, no more additions!" he said. "That call ended way back there in 1931-35! There are no more additions. Who, then, are the few newly associated ones who are partaking of the Memorial emblems? If they are of the remnant, they are replacements! They are, not additions to the ranks of the anointed, but replacements for those who may have fallen away."

    We can only conclude that many of the "anointed" keep 'falling away'.


  • Neo


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