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  • truthseeker

    at Watchtower Headquarters as of 8/15/00

    (Does not include many support persons)
    John (Jack) Barr: Writing Dept. Overseer
    Karl Klein: Assistant Writing Dept. Overseer
    John Wischuck
    Sam Buck
    Colin Quackenbush
    Cyril Chain
    Gene SmalleyEric Beveridge
    Joe Eames
    Bob Pevy
    David Iannelli
    Lee Waters
    Manfred Vancebi
    Jim Pellechia
    Danny Black
    Natheer Salih
    George Aljian
    Steve Johnson
    Mike Gietler
    John Wiegel
    Dean Songer
    Ciro Aulicino
    Richard Potter

    Writing Correspondence Personnel, Patterson, NY (Incomplete)
    Ray Richardson
    Jagdish Patel
    J. R. Brown

    Executive Office Personnel, Brooklyn, NY

    Theodore Jaracz
    Milton Henschell
    Gerrit Losch
    Albert Schroeder
    David Sinclair
    Robert Wallen
    Don Adams
    David Mercante
    Harold Jackson
    Rick Rittenbach
    Brett Cox
    Chris. Mavor
    Charles Molohan

    Service Department Personnel, Patterson, NY

    Charles Woody: Coordinator
    Wm. Van De Wall: Asst. Coordinator
    William Young
    Merton Campbell
    Robert Johnson
    Joel Adams
    Harley Miller
    David Olson
    Leon Weaver
    Dan Barnes
    Alan Shuster
    Ralph Schaefer
    Ernest Williams
    Tom Miles
    Aleman Francisco

    Legal Department Personnel, Patterson, NY (Incomplete)

    Philip Brumley: Coordinator
    Gregory Olds
    Don Ridley
    Carolyn Wah
    Charles Creger
    Joseph Jandrokovic

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Colin Quackenbush

    Didn't Groucho Marx play him in a film?

  • lawrence

    Hey Nina-

    Yup, all into the "clouds to meet the Lord in the air." And the WT will print, "as always stated by the FDS. God's Organization never wavers on doctrinal issues." Drum roll.

  • doinmypart


    I have friends and relative still at Bethel. I just got off the phone with one of them, and this is true! It was announced this morning to the Bethel "family".

    Two new appointments to the GB, Anthony Morris & Geoffrey Jackson. As far as whether they are anointed or non-anointed, I don't know.

  • Euphemism

    Tony Morris is an old friend of my father's. He is "anointed." I'm not sure of his exact age, but I believe he's in his late 50's; he has two sons (Jesse and Paul) who should be around 28 and 30 by now, and who were both serving at Bethel last I heard.

    The "Nethinim", or "given ones" are officially "helpers" of the Governing Body. In practice, they probably do most of the GB's work, but they don't have official GB voting powers. Most of the Nethinim are not anointed, but some are (e.g. Tony).

    BTW, I don't have any personal confirmation of this news, but I did receive it from a Witness mailing list this morning, attributed to three sources. I don't know Tony well enough to say a lot about his personality. From what I know, he's fairly jocular in person, not quite as anal as Ted Jaracz, but still fairly hard-line.

  • sir82

    Well, if one is "anointed", it is very likely the other is, too.

    Any insight as to personality? Liberal/conservative? Jaracz toadies, or do they have functioning spines?

  • Euphemism

    Sorry, sir82, I went in afterwards and edited the post to add a little. Most of the times I met Tony Morris were as a young kid, so my knowledge is limited.

    I do know that Tony, like my dad, was an acolyte of R P Johnson, whom TJ has spoken about before. RP is a much deeper thinker than your average Watchtwower drone; I believe he is truly sincere and dedicated. He sees through the petty hypocrisy that often passes for 'spirituality' in JW circles. Despite all that, he is a through-and-through Society man. He once said: "We tried running a loose ship [in the 70's], and it didn't work."

    I don't know how closely Tony shares Johnson's views, but I would guess they are similar.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Tony Morris pioneered in Cranston and Huntington View congregations back in the 1970's & 1980's. His real birth name was Anthony Esposito and he was adopted by non-italian parents. He was best friends and best man with the late Bob Rosati of Cranston, and was also a mentor to now circuit overseer Lou Puerini from Cranston.

    I knew Tony and both of his young teenage sons very well and spent many an afternoon and weekend out in the field with him both before and after he moved from New England to serve in North Carolina.

    He was relaxed, mellow and home schooled both of the boys so they become pioneers and bethelites. I always liked Tony, but then again, I always liked Lou and Bob too, until folks got real paranoid, unreasonably illogical and loyal about the WTBS.

    I hope someday his boys find their way out.

  • ezekiel3

    Hehe, the 50 year old anointed Tony Morris.

    Born in 1955 eh?

    How long can the charade continue?

  • TheListener

    For my own sake, and that of my still "in" family I hope that these two new GB pals of ours are more reformist minded than the existing GB members. The posts in this thread give me little hope but you never know how the power will effect these guys until they get a GB vote for themselves.

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