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  • observador

    Hello truthsets,

    thanks for breaking the news.

    You said:
    "The pics are on my hard drive. How do I get them out to someone?"

    Well, you would have to upload the pics to a website somewhere. One of those fee services out there would do it. And then post a message on this board linking to your pics.


  • ithinkisee

    Ahhh yes.

    Wonderful memories of GB members. My particular was seeing Garrett Loesch's ass in my face - in speedos nonetheless!

    More info:


  • lisaBObeesa

    What, no pics of the "Hot New GB Members"??

  • Euphemism
    r51785 wrote:
    Does anyone know how long they have "professed to be of the annointed." Have they always been "annointed" or did they just recently cash in some of their frequent flyer miles to get an upgrade?

    Morris has been partaking since at least the late 70's. He actually took a lot of flack for partaking as a young man.

    I think that if anyone currently at CO-or-above level suddenly started partaking, there'd be a lot of suspicion, probably enough to lock them out of advancement. But I could be wrong.

  • blondie

    I am not surprised that 2 more "anointed" brothers have been appointed. One of the "six lines of evidence" are that the some of the anointed would still have to be on earth when the "end" came. Since many congregations do not have even one "anointed" member and few have ever met an anointed JW, the WTS would have to keep the evidence of the anointed on earth before the rank and file.

    I cannot see them appointing a non-anonted person to the GB at this time. I'm sure whatever JW men who profess to be anointed who have half a wit and have show promise being company men have been identified and are in training, most likely relocated to Bethel. As has been stated though, the Given Ones or Nethinim do not have to be of the anointed. In fact in the history of Israel, these people were not Israelites.

    I doubt there will be little change in the policy of the WTS since it is a entity separate from the indviduals that make up the administrative part.

    Blondie (on the road)

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I was listening through the wall this weekend, during the Special GB meeting. I have one of those new fangled inventions, you have seen them advertised on TV, to listen far away. Oh never mind. Anyway, they were talking about getting in these new guys. I heard some whispering about these guys finding out secrets, and going to spill their guts, if they weren't in for a cut of the action. So they took a vote to include them in their reindeer games. That got a big laugh.

    The vote was close, but passed. The holdouts ( the really old farts) said they didn't want to be equal to the new guys. It didn't matter what they had on them. One of them called them young whipersnappers!! After battleing back and forth, they all agreed that the new guys would have a new name.

    Lots of names were thrown out, I couldn't keep track of them all. One of the old-timers, that is pretty high up, has a lisp, took the floor and said he wanted them called Hens. That didn't go over very well, lots of booing and hissing. The secretary was writing all of this down, as fast as he could. The old-timer was getting angry, and his lisp was getting worse. So he said "How about, Mini HensThen !" The secetary was getting very tired of writing, and the pen ran out of ink, at just the time the GB erupted into an almost brawl.

    The poor secretary was running around trying to find a new pen. Trying to remember what all was being said. It sounded like it was a 50/50 split between Minimen and the old-timer insisting that they be called Mini HensThen. The old-timer was so worked up, he grabbed his chest, looked up, and said "Jahoba, I'm coming to meet you!!" The opposing side, ran to the old-timer and said they would compromise with the name. They said "Lets call them the Mini MenThen, but we will spell it backwards. Everyone agreed.

    The poor secretary finally found a pen after everybody was gone. He was exausted, but he had to get to the court, to file the documents of the new GB. So he hurriedly wrote out the legal papers and filed them with the Court Clerk. What was supposed to be Minimen, thanks to the lisp of an old man, and the low paying wage, and exhaustion of a poor secretary, they are now called NETHINIM. HL

  • MidwichCuckoo

    AlanF wrote -

    The dishonest writer of the infamous 1/1/89 WT article, and the misleading ones on blood, was Gene Smalley

    I have the CDROM - can anyone point me to the article and the blood issue? Many thanks.

  • truthsetsonefree

    That post from Barbara Andersen makes so much sense. It is astonishing that an organization that affects so many and proclaim's itself as God's spokesperson on earth, would be so irresponsible as to entrust editing of it's premier magazine to old men who are at death's door and who have ultimate power in the Bethel scheme of things. One would think they would give God their best. So-called "worldly" journals have things like peer review and other safeguards. Mistakes still slip through, but then there are usually posted corrections. It just goes to show how wrong the whole theocracy bit is. After all, this is not God but men. And men who in the real world would have been long retired. But because of the way it is structured they have zero accountability.

    What a screwed up outfit this is.

    BTW-Who is R.P.Johnson?

    Also, does anyone know why Anthony Esposito changed his name?

  • katiekitten

    Horrible Life - you are gifted in your reporting! ROFLMAO. Thats got to be a true account, because you just couldnt make something like that up!

  • funkyderek
    98% of the anointed are bogus anyway

    As are the remaining 2%

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