Hot News-New GB members

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  • ithinkisee

    We had a buttload of given ones in my hall.

    Bob Butler was my PO. He was the "golden boy" of Bethel. Definitely an organization man.

    His wife was sure a sweetie though. She was almost like a mother to me on many occasions.

    Isn't it weird how such lovely sweethearts often get hooked up with guys like that?


  • RichieRich
    He is so into his "secret decoder ring" elder stuff. The authority, the secrecy (confidentiality), etc. So I love dropping bombs like this one in his lap.

    Ask him about the checks. LOL!!

  • Purza
    Unfortunatly these are not minimum requirments to become a member, sorry, they are over qualified.

    Stealth - thank you for the laugh today. That was pretty entertaining.


  • ezekiel3
    but if you wanna know anything, just give me a call.

    Apostates rule!

  • upside/down

    Well....isnt' that "special"....

    u/d(of the prefers The Church Lady class)

  • jeeprube
    He is so into his "secret decoder ring" elder stuff.


  • jaffacake


    Apostates rule!

    He's especially confused because I've never been a JW, and only set foot inside a KH once, with him at memorial.

  • willyloman
    Couldn't resist telling him this news, & said remember - you heard it from me first, announced this morning at breakfast...I have friends inside Bethel.

    Nominating Jaffa for Man of the Year award from the National Disinformation Society. Nice use of theocratic stategy, dude!

  • misspeaches

    Ozzie said

    Geoffrey Jackson is an Australian
    Things will never be the same again!
    hehe... I was wondering if you might know him Ozzie...

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Once again much excitement over something not that earth-shattering. I will bet a buck that both these guys are 'anointed' and have professed to be such for many years.

    Actually I think one or two of the other recent appointments(Sam Herd?) have also been anointed ones already serving as Nethinim 'helpers'. So nothing too surprising there.

    Now of course, new GB members is a rare event, as the remaining members all continue to fade away. And if indeed either of these two are not anointed, why yes, that would be a major shift in the leadership, bigger even than when all the GB resigned from the various corporations several years ago.

    But I really doubt they are not anointed.

    No Apologies

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