Christmas not Xmas!

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  • funkyderek

    hibiscusfire:Please give it a rest! I'm sure that Jesus would be very proud of you for being so pedantic — straining out the gnat, wiping the mote from your brother's eye — but it's quite annoying to see you repeat the same nonsense again and again, even after people have tried to explain it to you.

  • PaulJ

    I celebrate christmas, but if i want to write christmas quickly i write xmas, because it means the same thing to me.

  • PaulJ

    How xcuse me while I listen to some Xtina Aguilera

    - Preston


  • googlemagoogle

    hibi, darling! you are so sweet.

    do you know how to write "Ch" using the greek alphabet? hmmm... could it be "X"? hmmm... could it really be?

    and what's the matter with naming a holiday differntly. here in german speaking countries we say "Weihnachten", that's not even got an X in it. so calm down and relax. there's still some time to wait until next xmas.

  • googlemagoogle

    Get to know Jesus.

    could you give me his (i suppose it's a "he") phone number/email? seems to be some fun guy to go out with... if he still knows that water to wine trick, that is.

  • DannyBloem

    I really do not like it so much, (nothing to do with Jezus though).
    Why not just say what you want to say. Why all those short forms, it only shows lazyness.

    Things like this are confusing. xing -> not christening I think. Or str8, I went looking for street 8 , or words as [email protected].

    Anyway no big deal, really

  • mrsjones5
    mrsjones5 . . .my point is that beginning with the first or second page on this topic posters began to swarm all over Hisbiscus like a nest of hornets. She did not incite the controversy, defenders of something other than what she believed did . . .which still puzzels me. Why would people do that, if not to antogonize her or see her subject matter as something where they could voice their opposition while at the same time making extremely derogatory remarks to her person . . .and you all seem to support one another in this" feeding".

    Some of you use the excuse that it was satire, all in fun, she started it, it's history, etc. I don't see it that way . . .all I see is a lot of people who are hurting because of the WTS and sometimes a scapegoat comes along and it's " attack time".


    Sorry Tiggerman but youre wrong. hibis' whole purpose was to rant about the "X" used instead of Christ and then threw in Christmas along with it. If she didnt want a response, heated or otherwise then she shouldnt have posted the topic and then proceed with her insane rant.

    Youre way off base Tigger.


  • daystar


    all I see is a lot of people who are hurting because of the WTS and sometimes a scapegoat comes along and it's " attack time".

    Based upon what you say here, it would seem that you have not seen many forums, or IRC, USENet, BBSs, etc. It is quite commonplace for a swarm to form around a person who posts to any forum making wild, outlandish claims, regardless of the media or the message.

    I think perhaps you should get out more.

  • sonnyboy

    I don't have the patience to read 16 pages of the thread right now, but X is the Greek letter for chi and represents the word Christ in Greek. X has been used to represent Christ for centuries and is not meant as a form of disrespect; it's simply another language. They're not 'Xing' out the Christ in Christmas just because it's not in English.

    Does Jesus think that you're disrespecting him because you're not calling him by his Hebrew name? Jesus is Latin and I doubt it's a name that he'd have responded to 2000 years ago.

  • sonnyboy


    I just read the whole thread and wanted to punch myself in the head. Hey, that rhymes!

    Hib..... It was a PAGAN HOLIDAY FIRST!

    That's why I'm celebrating it this year, Legolas.

    I'm going to put up my pagan tree with pagan decorations and be surrounded by pagan gifts.

    I'll be sure to hang lots of pagan mistletoe (I love the Druids) so I can kiss all my pagan friends.

    We're then going to break out the pagan Ouija board and summon our pagan god, Saturn.

    I can't wait! Seven pagan days of Xmas!

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