Deny this! Brooklyn! I dare you

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  • Bryan

    The BS is on my hard drive. Unbelievable, crazy they don't mention pedifiles normally work in ways "not" to leave witnesses.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • lowly one
    lowly one

    The church is a family, Brown said, and families don't need to be told of another member's sins.

    "We can't tell them, but it will be known informally," Brown said. "In a family, everyone knows of the weaknesses of Aunt Suzie or Uncle John. Things are just known."

    I have just spoken with an FBI information agent at Milwaukee and he has advised me to contact the cybersquad8. I do believe that it would be better for your husband to contact them with the relevant PEDO information but he can remain anonymous and work through me just as anyone else can who wishes to report PEDO info.

  • kls

    Oh i get it lowly one ,you can't read . Gawd i swear we get all kinds here .

  • lowly one
    lowly one
    "...he knows there are some pedophiles ,but feels they are treated justly by some getting disfellowshipped."

    Your husband obviously has knowledge of Pedos who haven't been brought to the attention of the proper authorities.

    Since this is over the internet the FBI is interested and if it dosen't meet their crytiria then, it will be forwarded to the proper juridiction.

  • kls
    crytiria then, it will be forwarded to the proper juridiction.

    Would you at least learn to spell,,,,,,,,,,CRITERIA,,,,,,,,,,,JURISDICTION Sorry about this Steven , we have a nut on the lose.

  • lowly one
    lowly one

    I can assure you ksl that it will take someone other than you or i to determine whether or not a nut on the lose.

    You should let your husband know inadvance what is in the works

  • avishai

    Lowly, i want pedophiles caught just as much as you, but threatening members on this board is'nt nice. And useless. Oh, and what the hell is cybersquad8? Yahoo certainly does'nt return anything on them.

  • lowly one
    lowly one

    There is a listing of contact phone# or e-mails. Anything (all inclusive) that has to do with pedophila information over the internet, cybersquad is interested in.

    Just pick out one that is closet to you and the information agent will be able to direct you to the appropriate contact. And remember, once the elders have exhausted their means to deal with the matter it is up to you people to inform the proper authorities.

    "...Brown said the church expects parents, teachers and others to report the abuse to the state authorities. He said it is against church policy to discourage parents or others from reporting the abuse..."

  • Gerard

    F%$#@& cult.

  • Ingenuous

    I will never understand why the "two witnesses rule" is interpreted in such a way that the Org sees no need to report every case mentioned to them to the police. So they can't do anything judicial "scripturally." That is absolutely no excuse for failing to notify authorities.

    Why can't the accused be on "probation", so to speak (limited priviledges), in the congregation until the matter is resolved with the police? There'd be no need to make an announcement unless authorities decided there was reason to press charges.

    And why is an offender prevented from having any authority in the congregation, but can go door-to-door taking down the names and addresses of any home with young children in it? How many people would want an offender on their doorstep, regardless?

    I used to work at a child abuse center where they would get a police detective, social worker, and (when they bothered to show up) a rep from the attorney general's office and record an interview with the victims. I transcribed the interviews. I watched kids between the ages of 3 and 13 talk about and demonstrate with dolls what was done with them. I saw pictures from medical exams of what kids would do to themselves when they were being sexually abused. Some of the detectives were those very special kinds of idiots who wouldn't believe a kid unless they had hard evidence. It's tough enough on these children and their families for them to also have to meet the inane demands the Org puts on them to receive justice within the congregation.

    And I am enraged that so many JWs are lead to believe (as I was) that the elders are doing all they can to physically and scripturally take care of their children.

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