Deny this! Brooklyn! I dare you

by stevenyc 104 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • kls

    Gill , i think it has to do with the Freedom of religion act ,which is one that the wt uses all the time.

  • stillconcerned

    it is being used....


  • bikerchic
    This is an interesting qualification of the 'two witness' rule. To have two seperate witnesses of abuse is not good enough for reproval. It must be two witnesses PER action of molestation.

    Of course! This 2 eyewitnesses are applied very literally.

    Realize also that this means that the 2 eyewitnesses must stand and watch the child being raped, and cannot interfere or else there would be no child abuse (by the WTS standards).

    Nice group of people.

    The insanity of it! Yes such a loving orginazation, bla it must make Jehover wanna puke!

  • damselfly
    What if the sufferer decides that he wants to make an accusation? # Then the two elders can advise him that, in line with the principle at Matthew 18:15, he should personally approach the accused about the matter. If the accuser is not emotionally able to do this face-to-face, it can be done by telephone or perhaps by writing a letter.

    To further increase the trauma that abused children/people are in, force them to speak/contact their abuser. Elders refused to get involved until I had done so. I refused. I don't remember what happened next, I've blocked it out. I have no memory of what was said or done by the elders because I was so shocked that I was supposed to contact the abuser. Zero memory of that time at all.

    What I do remember is all the articles and talks regarding child abuse that came out in 94 and 95. Having to sit thru all that bullshit at the meetings. My best friend and I would sit downstairs and just stare at the walls. No one talked to us.


  • Gill

    You just have Senators in the US that you can appeal to inorder to change BAD laws.

    Why isn't that being looked into?

    Failing that, wouldn't the press be interested in publishing this particular Watchtower article. I expect the press would be happy to help.

  • BluesBrother

    If there should be any lurkers who are thinking that this may be an "Evil Slave plot to discredit the Society by altering what they have published" .. May I say that I have checked out the posting, and it agrees word for word with my bound volume of the Watchtower Nov 1st 1995.

    Notable that there is one reference to a repressed memory that proved right and a priest admitted it after almost a hundred others came forward. But there are numerous statements that memories may be false, victims are called accusers or "sufferers" as though they are emotionally unstable .. The whole thing is designed to make one think they must be wrong about the memories, and thus do nothing.. and to make elders assume that a victim is just an over emotional person.

    It is funny how at the time I did not find anything wrong with it. In fact, I had never come accross this situation, hoped I never would and probably skipped that article

  • Gill


    I can think of a few 'scurrilous rags' in the UK who might, just might find this an interesting story to go with...

    But I find the Freedom of Religion, excuse rather strange. How can you hide behind such a rule? Why are you ex jws in the US not lobbying your senators and pushing the subject. Somewhere, in your country, (ours as well, but I'll get to that later) but somewhere, there are some little JW children being abused, who will continue to be abused because the almighty WTBTS has dollars and wants to keep them.

    There will be a Senator, or two or more who will stand up and help you to help them.

    Myself, I'm thinking of pushing in another direction with this.

  • Es

    I would like to see how the 2 witness rules applies to when its an elders child that has been molested or raped....not that i would want to wish that on anyone but it would be interesting if they would be happy to leave it in Jehovahs capable hands what bull#$%& es

  • lowly one
    lowly one
    "That is what the Bible tells us to do ,we go by the Bible and the only true religion to do so , is someone wants to report molesting to the police ,they are free to do so."

    Hey the monkey is going to get some recognition:

    Your husbands thinking is in error for the reason(s) that he is told what the scriptures mean to him, it is not like he finds the scripture and figures out what the practical application should be, on his own.

    If your husband wants to keep his status as an elder with in the institution he must submit to the ways of the institution which means he is told what the scriptures mean to him. In other words the elder body is not recognized by their Watchtower god(s) as ones that know, ' how to do what is right'. James 4:17

    With the above in mind, I am, "someone that wants to report molesting..." to the proper juridiction.

    Ask your husband to contact me at [email protected] with relevant information and in a timely manner.

  • kls

    Lowly,my husband is not an elder and why would he contact you?

    With the above in mind, I am, "someone that wants to report molesting..." to the proper juridiction.

    Where did i say that he has witnessed these things?
    PS , this monkey doesn't want your recognition and next time get your story straight.

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