Women, girls, ladies -- 5 biggest "turn on's" / "turn off's"

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  • kls
    At one time the "cleanshaven, short hair cut" look was in. Would the ladies say that the "scruffy, surfer dude at the beach" look is more fashionable

    Short hair ? it depends on the guy ,some look good others don't . I prefer longer hair on a guy and i have a thing with goatees.

    Big mouth boisterous men just turn my stomach

    Men who think they are gods gift to women gage me

    Men who prefer to talk to my chest really piss me off

    * Turn ons*

    Goattees,sense of humor,caring and loves to adventurious as well as loving the outdoors.

  • Crumpet

    Ug - I can't believe all these women like goatees!

    LKS - monkeys can have their own thread of turn ons and offs!

  • mtbatoon

    I'm surprised so many women like goatees too.

    Oh well, what ever tickles your fancy.

  • joannadandy

    Turn On's

    1. Someone who can make me laugh
    2. Someone who can make me think
    3. Somone who is "stable"
    4. Someone is comfortable with and knows his faults
    5. Great pant-melons.

    Turn Off -

    1. A cocky know it all who gets off on telling people how great he is/what he knows
    2. Has issues with mother/ex/women in general
    3. Tells me how much he spent on every item he owns, or how much money he makes, what he drives
    4. Rude to store clerks, wait staff, etc.
    5. Has kids
  • Ellie

    Turn ons.

    1 - they have to be funny.

    2 - they have to be more intelligent than me (which isn't difficult to be honest).

    3 - they have to be honest.

    4 - they have to be generous with kisses and cuddles.

    5 - they have to be clean and smell nice.

    Turn offs.

    1 - grumpiness.

    2 - the big headed self loving type.

    3 - bad breath / general smelliness.

    4 - anyone who refuses to work.

    5 - long hair or lots of body hair.

  • kls
    LKS - monkeys can have their own thread of turn ons and offs!

    Crumpet ,i have been trying to grow one ever since my fur came in but the keepers won't give us monkey's a razor

  • joannadandy
    Oh well, what ever tickles your fancy.

    Am I supposed to read that as a double-entendre?

  • mtbatoon

    Nope single ones are always better

  • Thegoodgirl


    1. Great sense of humor

    2. Smart (as in world traveller type, knows more about stuff than everyone else)

    3. Blushes easily

    4. Quiet/mysterious (something different about the guy, must stand out from the others who are just running their mouths)

    5. I love the goatee, too! (maybe because that was forbidden for jdubs)

    6. Physical labor (I just love to see a guy work hard! Reminds me of this crush I had as a JW witness, he would always come over and help my mom with car repairs, and I would just think he is the greatest)


    1. picking his nose

    2. boring, likes to stay in

    3. close mindedness!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Haughty, show off-y, thinks he knows more than others, and tries to let them know it. So annoying.

    5. Smoking. It's like, yuck, I really don't want to deal with trying to get this guy to quit. Plus he's going to die before me, no thanks.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Some of the big turn-offs for me are: Tattoos, smokers, tobacco chewers, alcohol abusers, men with earrings, gaudy jewelry and clothes, haughty attitude.

    I used to think this guy where I work was so hot, and with such a nice personality. That was my opinion until one day he showed up at work with a tank top which revealed his upper arm tattoos, and he was wearing an earring stud, and he was chewing tobacco and spitting it out on top of that(AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I never thought the same of him. It's only "hi!" and "Bye" between us from that day on. I avoid him as much as possible. GROSSED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!

    All those bad habits/choices take away everything in a man. My personal opinion, of course.


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