Who Was Shocked By the Watchtower UN NGO Scandal?

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  • AlanF

    I'd like to get comments from people about whether and how much they were shocked, surprised, or otherwise bothered by the Watchtower Society's becoming an Associated Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

    Note that I'd like to see these comments because they might lead to some interesting publicity, so please comment accordingly.


  • IP_SEC

    I sorta was, but by the time I heard it I was like "ya thats about what I'd expect"

  • willyloman

    It was like finding out your wife was sleeping with the guy who molested your daughter and then telling you she only did it so she could keep tabs on his whereabouts. So, yeah, I was stunned.

  • AlmostAtheist

    At first I wasn't all that shocked, mistakes were made, corrected, no biggee. Probably quietly pursued by one or two brothers without official authorization. The standard JW mental gymnastics.

    But then I read where the Watchtower condemned other churches for being "members of the UN", citing a quote. They failed to include the portion of the quote that shows those churches were associated NGO's. That condemnatory comment was only shortly before the Watchtower itself became an NGO.

    Then I considered that if I had joined a political party while a baptized JW, realized it was wrong, and quit, I would be expected to "confess" that "sin" to the elders. Some sort of reproof would come out of it, perhaps even publicly. The Watchtower has made no such admission. They don't deny it, but neither have they publicly admitted it. And in their admitting it, they excuse it, say it was blown out of proportion, etc. Exactly what the judicial committee would view as an unrepentant attitude.

    So I guess it's been a slow-shock for me, as I came to realize exactly how hypocritical this situation was, and how wrongly it was handled.


  • diamondblue1974

    I think I half expected it...although i was still shocked; perhaps more shocked that they were stupid and arrogant enough to believe it wouldnt get out; especially given how resourceful us apostates are.

    Nothing however shocks me about the WTS anymore...

  • candidlynuts

    yes i was shocked.

    i have had to sit thru the babylon the great book for what? 2 or 3 times? how can anyone NOT be shocked if they studied that book?

  • jst2laws


    I had recently stepped down as an elder, reading on this board as the story broke. My first thought it was, good, perhaps a sign they are getting liberal. Then I learned they joined in 1992 just after condemning the Catholic organizations for doing the same. Then they withdrew from the NPI in a knee jerk reaction to the bad publicity and JUSTIFIED their hypocrisy with the "library card" tale.

    I had a lot of reasons to be upset with the WT but as this unfolded I became fully convinced the WT was not an organization devoted to truth. For get reform or liberalizing, it was too corrupt.


  • zaphod

    do you think it is a plan to self fulfill the prophecy of un turning on the society or bringing about its downfall in some way?


  • alw

    Hi - yes I was absolutely bowled over when we got copies off the net actually proving WTBS had been a member of the UN. Then after reading CofC and taking in the Mexico/Malawi tragedy I was extremely angry and disappointed that I had believed in a pure way of worship and been duped by men!!! alw - (thankfully I'm not the only gullible one).

  • yesidid

    I didnt believe it.

    I just couldnt believe it.

    After all we would be disfellowshipped if we joined the YMCA just to use the gym.

    I mean how hypocritical can you be.

    Then the lies and cover ups. To get a library pass in New York, they said.

    Then why did they go as NGOS in Australia, Lithuania and all over Europe to UN sponsored conferences.

    They cheated, they lied, I found out, they lost me.



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