What are some weird things that you do?

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  • love11

    Everyone has their own idiosyncrises, mine is-

    When I get a new book, I'll open it up to the middle of the book and stick my nose in the binding for about ten seconds, and smell how the glue, ink, and fresh paper smell. AHHHH I love that smell.

    Then before I start reading it, I'll look at the book from back to front. As I flip through the book it kind of gives me an idea as to where the book is headed. If I don't like where it is headed then I won't read it. With non-fiction books, I'll look at the table of contents and pick out the chapter that interest me on that day. I rarely ever just read a book from start to finish. But eventually after picking the chapter I like for that day, the book will get finished.

    Ok, so what's your wierd thing?

  • zaphod

    i don't remember when i started doing this.

    i bite off the corners of my toast, chewing each piece on alternate sides of my mouth, leaving me with a cross shape. i then discern which opposite arms of the cross are the most equal in size bite them off and then chew each one of these on each side of my mouth, leaving me with one narrow, straight piece of toast. i then roll this up like a swiss roll and bite it in half. i chew one half on one side of my mouth and one on the other side, so neither side of my mouth chews more than the other.

    is that weird?


  • love11

    zaphod- ya that would qualify as weird! lol

    That is too funny! I hope you don't go out at a restaurant to eat breakfast. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see what others reactions are. lol

  • kls

    Whoa, how long do you have and this will be in private ,,,right?

  • diamondblue1974

    I cant eat a Kit Kat properly I have to eat all the edges of chocolate off before devouring it....i dont know why, I just do.

  • AlmostAtheist

    I love silence. Absolute silence. Of course you can almost never get that, so sometimes I'll pop in ear plugs. It's so relaxing to be so completely alone and silent.

    I don't think it's weird though. I think all the rest o' ya are weird for NOT doing it!

    Buncha freaks...


  • whyamihere

    I yell and scream at the TV...no matter what program.

    I go on the scale every 20 to 30 minutes?...Is that weird does anyone do that?


  • kls

    Ok , where shall i begin,,I talk backwards all the time ,not on purpose it just comes out that way . My family thinks it's funny but others look at me like ,,What did she say? I never hang up toilet rolls so my husband hides them on me in defiance.

    I am always kidding around and many people don't know that and take me serious which gets me in trouble ( Is that considered weird? )

    I can't brush my teeth without dripping toothpaste on my shirt , but i am sure that is just so i remember that i did brush

    There is much more ,just can't think of them right now. Am i weird ? Am i ?

  • iiz2cool

    zaphod, that's not weird. That's an indication that you like balance in your life. You appreciate symmetry. You must be almost perfect.

    I say this because I eat my peanut butter sandwiches in much the same way.


  • Satanus


    I'm sure that it's totally normal for beatleguesers to eat toast like that. Not to worry. Down here in hell, toast is our staple.


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