Is "unconditional love" a myth??

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  • mouthy

    pass me a ciggie

    .Brummie Put it down!!!!! It bothers my eyes....I do believe there is UN conditional LOVE .I know this sound weird( O.K. I admit I,m weird) But I loved my hubby 42+ years UNCONDITIONALLY - as you all know it was a tough time-he objecting to my JW life-beatings etc: But I couldnt stop loving him. My Grand-kids give me problems & as much as I would like to take "a slow boat to China "to avoid the problems I LOVE them unconditionally . So I stay close because I want to be here to help when needed -which is OFTEN!..... O.K. Dr's ,Counsellors, etc say that is a "sick" love .In fact my Dr at one time ( when my hubby was alive) told me he would not treat me any more unless I left my husband -he said "It is me or Him choose!!!" They were conditions I could not abide by so I gave the DR up -He was a good one too). I TRULY believe we can love some one ( with ALL their faults) unconditionally.....Just my two cents.

  • orangefatcat

    Grace I will take that two cents and add two more. You are the most wonderful gracious lady I know next to me beloved grandmother your a 10 out of 10

    Love ya


  • Tigerman

    Terry . . .my post was an attempt at humor ( making up my own word etc. )

  • JamesThomas

    If I say I love my wife (if i still had one) unconditionally, is this true? I may think it's true because you means everything to me and I feel I would give my life for her. However, there is a hugely limiting condition driving this love right from the start. She's my wife; your not; nor are the other 6.5 billion people on the planet. If this type of love was any more conditional, I wouldn't love at all.

    When we love our significant-other, or our children, there is also a hidden selfish reason. We identify with them. Our sense of self is dependent on them. Who would I be without my dear wife? Who would I be without my children? We may confuse the ego's fear and instincts for self preservation as love. It's not.

    I don't mean to belittle our love for our families, it can be a very beautiful thing. But the affection and allegiance we have for our own kin and mates, is often little but conditions.

  • mouthy

    Well what a nice thing to say Orangefat. ((((((hug))))))))I feel my head swelling LOL
    How are you feeling ????

  • mouthy

    But the affection and allegiance we have for our own kin and mates, is often little but conditions.

    I dont agree ----But I am glad we can share out thoughts with LOVE!!!!

  • JamesThomas

    Yes dear Grace. Always glad to see you.

  • mouthy

    James T-------Thanks if you were 30 years older I would flirt with you...If that is your picture ( wink,wink,

  • JamesThomas

    Sweet Gracie, please don't worry about my age, we need some unconditional flirting here.

    Yes, that's a picture of me about three years ago, with about six weeks of intense digital photo manipulation.


  • Satanus
    Unconditional flirting.



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