The Holocaust - do we need to know?

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  • Mary
    today official auschwitz death count estimates vary between some 700.000 and 1.5 million killed

    Are you really this dumb? I just said that 1.1 million were killed at Auschwitz ALONE!! There were countless other death camps all over Europe.......where millions more died........which part of that don't you understand?

  • z


    word for you you make me sick


  • Pole
    The Holocaust - do we need to know?

    I guess only visiting the Auschwitz museum really helps to realize what all of those figures stand for.

    Here's the address of the official website in English.

    Armenia: Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan

    Austria: President Heinz Fischer

    Azerbaijan: Speaker of Parliament Murtuz Alasgarov

    Belgium: King Albert II; Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt

    Bosnia-Hertzegovina: Speaker of Presidium Borislav Parvanov

    Bulgaria: President Georgi Parvanov

    Croatia: President Stjepan Mesić, Prime Minister Ivo Sanader

    Czech Republic: President Vaclav Klaus

    Estonia: President Arnold Rüütel

    Denmark: Prince Joahim

    Finland: Speaker of Parliament Paavo Lipponen

    France: President Jacques Chirac

    Spain: Speaker of Upper Chamber of Parliament Javier Rojo

    Greece: President Kostis Stephanopoulos

    Ireland: President Mary McAleese

    Israel: President Moshe Katsav

    Lithuania: Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas

    Luxembourg: Grand Duke Henri

    Latvia: President Vaira Vike - Freiberga

    Netherlands: Queen Beatrix; Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende

    Germany: President Horst Kőhler

    Norway: Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, Prince Haakon

    Russian Federation: President Wladimir Putin

    Romania: President Traian Basescu

    Serbia and Montenegro: President Svetozar Marović

    Slovakia: President Ivan Ga?parovič

    Slovenia: President Janez Drnov?ek

    Switzerland President Samuel Schmid

    Sweden: Princess Victoria

    Speaker of Parliament: Bjorn von Sydow

    Ukraine: President - elect Wiktor Juszczenko

    European Union: President of the European Commission Manuel Barroso; President of the European Parliament Joseph Borell

    Vatican: Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger

    Hungary: President Ferenc Mădl

    United Kingdom Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

    No American-Jewish lobby delegates? How's that, Realist?

    BTW, Prince Edward is representing the UK? Is that common practice?


  • LittleToe

    Bearing in mind that few of those 50% will be pureblooded Jewish (if there is such a thing extant today), and that some of them likely have German/Germanic blood in their veins, you'll probably find that there's a large slice of congress that are of European descent.

    My point being that you've taken a statistic ( that 50% of congress have a drop or two of Jewish blood) and you've run with it into a racist camp....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've watched this thread from the beginning.

    Realist, please stop with the racist posts. You are free to discuss the Holocaust but posting anti-Semitic and racist statements are not allowed on this board.



  • Realist

    little toe,

    good argument. the question is do these people view themselfs as jews or not (and are they recognized as such). if you can show that several of the people on the list should in fact not be considered jewish than i will gladly change my standpoint on the issue.


    you stated 1.1 million as a factual number. it is not, the numbers are estimates. thats the important issue. even the official auschwitz number varies between 700.000 and 1.5 million (4 million previously). it is sad that you cannot grasp that argument.


    No American-Jewish lobby delegates? How's that, Realist?

    do they need to? it seems not.

    big tex,

    what exactly is a racist post? that 50% of clinton's staff were jewish and that this is overproportional?

  • LittleToe

    I'm sure my point is not lost on you...

    I don't have an issue with 50% of congress have a drop or two of Jewish blood. They could all have, for all I care.
    My point is that pretty much all of them probably have German/Germanic/whatever blood, too, thus making your whole premise moot...

  • Mary
    mary, you stated 1.1 million as a factual number. it is not, the numbers are estimates. thats the important issue. even the official auschwitz number varies between 700.000 and 1.5 million (4 million previously).

    Uh, YOU'RE the one who's trying to say that "only" about 1 million Jews in total died. I'm pointing out the obvious to you: that this many died in ONE concentration camp ALONE. There were many extermination camps all over Europe, where the Jews were being exterminated. This shows your arguments to be irrational, and not based on anything except your pro-nazi propoganda.

    it is sad that you cannot grasp that argument

    No, what's sad is that your arguments and theorizing are baseless, you ignore any argument that you can't answer (such as Abaddon's) and just keep repeating your ridiculous comments and propoganda, as though it's based on fact. It just sickens me that people like you are out there still trying to promote hatred against the Jews, and that you're so blinded by that hate, that you can't see the truth no matter how obvious.

    what exactly is a racist post?

    What's a racist post? Not that I expect you to understand, but all the racists quotes below were made by YOU:

    [the Holocaust] is primarily about money and getting sympathy for israel

    stalin did not persecute jews...he more or less randomly killed 15 - 20 million

    people are not left with awareness of how easy it is to fall for totalitarism but with how poor the jews were and how evil the germans (which is true but getting old after 60 years).

    the jews themselfs contributed to it by segregating themselfs from the rest of the population.

    the holocaust is used as a tool by israel and jewish lobbies to justify their actions and to get reparation payments
  • Realist

    little toe,

    indeed the premise is moot if they are in fact not jewish and do not consider themselfs as such.


    the conversation with you is pointless.

  • LittleToe

    The premise is also moot if they are of Germanic descent to a greater quantity than 30% (using YOUR statistics).

    The joys of a cosmopolitan nation!!!

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