The Watchtower: Sincere Old Men or Deliberate Deceivers?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Willyloman and Observador have it right: this is not an organization built for the long haul; with time having invalidated their chronology, pushing it well beyond the limits of plausibility, they're bereft of any vision and reduced to operating ad hoc, in a desperate bid to hold it all together, all the while hoping against hope that Amageddeon will ride in at the last moment to save their bacon. So, for the leaders, it's a matter of rationalizing, recycling and enjoying the perks of prestige for as long as a deluded rank and file will concede to them.

  • Stradman

    When at Bethel in mid eighties, I sat a ?G.B. Table,? meaning that every week and for the whole week, I had breakfast (and lunch for most of the year) with a different member of the Governing Body. Most of them affected my opinion of this bunch in a negative way. They went from senile and playful (G. Gangas) to plainly being rude (Henschel and Jaracz).

    This experience made me doubt seriously about the sincerity of the GB. Some of the older bethelites told me stories that confirmed my suspicions. Many of the ?heavies?, as they call those with power, were not very approachable and walked around with an air of superiority. I concluded that there was something seriously wrong inside organization. But even for this symptom, they have a cure; ?Wait on Jehovah and everything will be fine.? And that is exactly what I did for another decade.

    I concluded, after reading Crisis, that they know too well the work of deceit and lies told in the pages of their publications and by their ?field officers.? The problem is that through their lack of modesty and humility they have painted themselves into a corner of the room and do not have a graceful way of backing out.

    How much longer will the Tower stand? For as long as the ones on the top are taken care of and continue to enjoy the celebrity status as they make special presentations at assemblies and travels, they will do anything in their power to resist change.

    For my part, I am glad to be out and, although I have made many mistakes in my life and still carry some regrets, the decision to leave and my subsequent encounter with the Christ of the Bible, has made the greatest positive difference in my life.


  • Neo


    You have a message in your JWD inbox.


    This thread is an excellent discussion! I hope to post here later.


  • stopthepain

    people who defend the governing body say"well they don't get paid"&"they have sacfificed for jehobah".

    Why do people work,for the most part its to pay the bills,buy food,have a few pleasures here and there----Hello,these men get all that,plus HUGE power and ego trip to boot,for free.

    Look at your local elder,they get glorified on a small scale,but hey,its still not all bad

    CO's and DO's get even more accolades-plus free car ,free place to live,free meals{specially designed for them}and they see the country and are treated like kings--at least mentally---what a deal!!!!

    Imagine the power and ego these men at the top must have,not only do they think thier special,they have 6 million dopes that think thier special too.They dont work,they can have a wife,they have nice meals aruond the clock,beautful place to live,good looking younger women eveywhere that want to kiss thier old asses----this is an old religous mans dream.

    Crooks,no,they fooled thier own minds a long time ago.

    Sincere,hell no-but they'll fake it,just so long as thier ego's are stroked till the day they die

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    good looking younger women eveywhere that want to kiss thier old asses

    ew. i always thought they were snobby old creeps... one thing i can't stand is an S-N-O-B

  • badboy




    about the GB members you meet.

    What tales you could Tell!

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    I'd say; Sincere in their deception.

    The end justifies the means!

    Unity at all costs!

    He that controls the present controls the past. He that controls the past controls the future!

    ...Sorry, got a little carried away there ...

  • Sunspot

    **Crooks,no,they fooled thier own minds a long time ago.

    **Sincere,hell no-but they'll fake it,just so long as thier ego's are stroked till the day they die

    Not ever having met the "old ones" for a visit on a personal level (grin) it's hard to determine just *what* they feel or believe at this point, The "younger" appointees are most definetly enjoying the perks but are working in full knowledge that what they preach and print is a steaming pile of crap. I honestly wonder how they can sleep at night-knowing what they are doing "in God's name".

    IF---any of the old gents have a shred of sensibility left (who knows?) then I'd have to say that they DO know that what they once taught and spouted---is just a memory now-replaced by a slick printing company that keeps people in FEAR. As a friend who often posts here put it---"FOG"-Fear-Obligation and Guilt is what keeps them going.

    Somehow Christ's purpose, message, death and resurrection have escaped the mix.


  • stopthepain

    they obviously DON'T believe in reform or changing anything other than thier false prophesies.

    But that is true,I don't know whats going thruogh anyones mind but my own,that was just speculation.

  • metatron

    Another strong piece of evidence that they are knowing engaging in deception involves a change in writing

    started in recent years. Specifically, they don't give references for quotations from secular publications or scholarly works.

    The reason for this is simple: they want to be freely able to misquote, take out of context or even fabricate entire quotations.

    without getting "caught".

    For some of you, that last assertion may seem incredible. However, as an example, in their most recent defense of their views on flag

    salutes, I was utterly unable to find their cited Cyclopedia quote at all. In addition, the information presented in that scholarly

    work flatly contradicted what they claimed.


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