The Watchtower: Sincere Old Men or Deliberate Deceivers?

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  • metatron

    When a Witness encounters injustices engendered by the Watchtower and considers them

    with clarity of mind, he is likely to suppose that , at worst, the old men who run things

    are sincere but misguided. There are many of us who still cringe at the thought of deliberately

    lying to anyone about anything - and think that other people feel the same way.

    I believe this "presumption of innocence" on the part of Watchtower leaders has been

    stretched beyond reasonable belief. In recent years, statements made by the Society

    look more and more like the wandering plot of a cheap soap opera that fired its "Continuity

    Department" years ago. Examples:

    From Crisis of Conscience: They would disfellowship people who disbelieved their

    '1914' chronology - while members of the Governing Body treated it with private

    skepticism or even sought to get rid of it.

    They preached against college for publishers -- while sending Bethelites to


    They proclaimed that Jehovah's Witnesses "are the happiest people on earth"

    while writing many articles dealing with depression AND telling elders to fend off

    any outside attempts at surveys conducted on JWs.

    When a natural disaster strikes, they give the impression that faithful Witnesses are

    somehow protected while ignoring evidence that proves otherwise. They can't seem

    to make up their minds.

    More recently, they proclaimed that Armageddon is "Soon" (Keep On The Watch

    pg.31) ... but then told congregations that "Children can begin learning to help

    from an early age.... Such training can help them to become the pioneers, the ministerial

    servants, and the elders of tomorrow." ( KM Dec. 04 page 1).

    Circuit Overseers in particular, seem unbound by concerns about consistency, coming up

    with "clear direction" from the Society, according to whatever suits them at the moment.

    Many more examples could be cited. At some point, the "sincere but misguided"

    theory breaks down under the sheer weight of their own contradictions. Instead, we see

    something like a lothario who will "say anything" to seduce his victim of choice. "Truth"

    to them becomes a handy tool to hoodwink the eagerly gullible.

    How else can we explain the bizarre existance of a 120 year old institution that centers

    itself on the proclamation that the End is Soon??!!. If it wasn't so tragic, it make an

    excellent cartoon in the pages of the New Yorker magazine!

    As time passes, I think more and more Witnesses will grow tired of the excuse that

    their cold-hearted leadership is "sincere".


  • Incense_and_Peppermints
  • Gill

    Deliberate deceivers and Sincere Old Men all mixed up in a mess called the WTBTS.

    They sell a product that people think they want, eternal life in a paradise on earth.

    Buy a bottle of 'Dr Joe's Cure all'. All you have to do is go to five meetings a week and out in field service, at least ten, and place as many mags as you can and you might stand a chance of living forever. Is that all? Sounds good, to start with. Until you find there's only cold tea in the bottle.

  • Voyager


    I appreciate that post metatron, and agree with you whole-heartedly. What you wrote has been proven time and time again.


  • garybuss

    Sincere crooks!

  • AlanF

    : Deliberate deceivers and Sincere Old Men all mixed up in a mess called the WTBTS.

    Exactly, Gill!

    A lot of them really are True Believers. Some of these are such because they're truly deceived. Others because they've convinced themselves to be deceived. Still others, like Ted Jaracz, are simply insane.

    A lot of them -- especially, I think, the non-anointed "helpers" who include many in Administration, Writing and the Service Dept. -- are cynical men who stay where they are because they like the power and comforts, or have nowhere else to go after having been in Bethel 20-40-60 years -- but they know better. If there's a God to have to answer to, these men have a lot to answer for because they've deliberately supported an organization they know is hurtful and deceitful, and have said, in effect, "Kill 'em all and let God sort it out!"


  • Mark


    I'm sure there are high-ranking witnesses of both types. But in my opinion

    there's one common trait that they all share: whether sincere old men or

    deliberate deceivers, they thoroughly idolize the Watchtower organization and

    there is nothing they wouldn't do to protect it or to advance its interests.

    Many witnesses, high-ranking and otherwise, realize the ethical and doctrinal

    problems that sit deep withing the organization, but yet they're willing to suspend their

    concerns indefinitely for the sake of their 'mother' organization.


  • stopthepain

    "mother"organization,thats funny--------would that make bethel the"mothership"

  • outoftheorg

    I have said this before and I will again.

    I agree with Metatron and in my mind I take it a step further.

    When I think of the anger in some of the co's and do's when they responded to a question or when I ponder the statements of THE BOSS Ted Jar ass, I detect what I believe is evil.

    I don't think there are demons. So I don't think they are involved. I think it is the same evil that can take over a person who is arrogant and ignorant and feels they have absolute power.

    Then they become absolutely corrupted and the evil envelops them.

    It only takes a few corrupted people to corrupt a complete organization. IE Hitler and the German government.


  • lawrence

    I agree with AlanF- these men are plum fu**&&^ crazy! Scary suckers at the least and outright criminal at the same time. Anybody who's still a JW should raise this question to themselves.

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