I need to pray, but this proves there's no one to pray to.

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  • cruzanheart

    One of my favorite Christmas songs has the lyrics: "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." The only person in the whole wide universe that we can change is ourselves. If we choose to pray to God in whatever form, who's to say it doesn't help? If there's a Supreme Being up there listening to us, terrific! If there isn't, perhaps the prayer at least serves to remind us of our beliefs and values that will hopefully make us better people who care about others and try to do good when we have the opportunity.



  • googlemagoogle

    yeah, *sigh*...

    so in your eyes, a omnipotent good god - who through his omnipotence can prevent anything bad - just watches a mentally ill mother cutting off her babie's arms, only thinking "sad, but true", because his definition of good does not include helping the baby? what's so hard to understand there?

  • Markfromcali

    Hi Panda,

    That is why I suggested dropping the idea of praying, which would just leave the caring intention itself. After all that is the important thing.

    Yes, religion can be quite destructive, but focusing on that would be looking at things superficially. An aversion to cultish religion does not automatically make one care. So all I'm saying is to focus on the caring intention itself, different people will express that in different ways. If there is a reaction where you see the negative results of a certain type of behavior but are not conscious of the cause being lack of care, then what's happening is you've only created the photo negative of the picture. So I think it's not only important for us to care, which obviously many here do, but to be aware of that as the power behind the actions, actually.

  • LittleToe

    Hey, you're the one who likes the idea of God sitting on the pan, watching the washing machine going around, while having you sacrifice poor innocent animals (that incidentally are allegedly only a little less intelligent than ourselves).

    Do you jump up and down when you watch TV documentaries of lions killing lion-cubs, or chimpanzees tearing young offspring limb from limb? These things occur in the animal kingdom, as well as amongst mankind, and always have.
    Is there really little difference between man and beast?

    It has no bearing on the "God" question. You're adding apples to pears and coming up with bananas.
    If you think it has, might I ask why you haven't joined the African anti-poaching militia, or somesuch? Does it really concern you as much as you state?

    How about a completely alternative option, for you to consider:
    Man was set as lord of his domain, and god of his own kingdom, to look after the earth as he would.
    God looks on and only marvels that he would rather act like a beast, than the Lord that he should aspire to be.
    That mother acted like an animal, and there are many like her.

    I can only grieve for the family, for this situation is more than just a philosophical dilema

    Nina:Sounds like a workable philosophy

  • LittleToe


    That is why I suggested dropping the idea of praying, which would just leave the caring intention itself. After all that is the important thing.

    You mean that isn't a type of prayer?

  • mrsjones5

    Sad as that was I don't think that had anything to do with whether there's a God or not. That woman did that (whether she was mentally off or not) not God.

    When I read stuff like that I really wish there was some way to screen people as to whether they should have kids or not (like the state does if you want to foster or adopt). But then I also think no one should profit from health care (hospitals, drug companies, etc.), neither one is going to happen.

    Mrs Jones

  • Xena
    but religion makes good people do bad things.

    religion is the excuse some people use to do bad things....

  • frankiespeakin

    I pray all the time,,it's a force of habit.

    I pray like this: Oh my god,,those poor people,,Oh god how tragic,,god can I take a little part of their grief a part that I can handle and ease their burden. Oh I don't want to think about this,,I'm feeling sad,,Oh I just asked god and maybe he's doing it,,I hope this helps in some way to ease the pain for these poor people. I think by us all being open to the pain of others we will improve as a species and not destroy ourselves. That's the way I pray just thoughts I hardly ever get down on my knees,,sometimes I may close my eyes and concentrate as if to send good vibrations to those I grieve over.

  • teejay

    There may be an all-powerful, all-knowing god who cares about humans and what's going on down here... I don't know.

    One thing I *do* know if there *is* a god: I have not a single clue of what's on his mind... especially when innocent children are allowed to suffer. Maybe one day I'll figure it out. Wouldn't it be cool if that instant of understanding came the millisecond following my death?

    I could... uh... live with that.

  • teejay

    Oh... as for the murdered 11-month old child mentioned at the outset...

    This may sound crude, but I think it's better that she's dead. With a cruel and heartless mother like that, the child was destined to live many, many years in pain, and then spend their entire adulthood wondering "why"?

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