I need to pray, but this proves there's no one to pray to.

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  • googlemagoogle

    After all, I'm not the one proselytising...
    but i am, huh? making disciples of whom?

    how i make sense of the world's anguish? it's right in front of your nose, but you cannot see it...

    animals kill. they kill other animals, they kill their like, they kill their mates, they even kill their offspring. that's the way nature is. animals also love, have friends, are sad when someone dies, they have depressions and social conflicts.

    humans are better animals. better, because they can define ethics, they can improve, they can teach it to others. it's work in progress. what was accepted yesterday may not be accepted tomorrow. think of human sacrifices. think of slavery. think of women's rights. religion aint part of that progress - it makes it slower.

    good people do good things, bad people do bad things, but religion makes good people do bad things.

  • StinkyPantz
    Each must answer as they feel...

    Honestly the concept is new to me, that's why I asked about it. Anyways, I'm not expecting an answer, some folks don't want to discuss the same things I want to discuss.

  • LittleToe

    google:When did we get onto the subject of religion?
    We've got that going on on another thread...

    If you want to believe that you're merely a smart ape, feel free. I wouldn't want to disillusion you.
    You'll excuse me, I hope, for suggesting that your "good person/bad person" statement seems to betray a modicum of black and white thinking...

    Bridget:It seems like this may be the thread to discuss it.
    How do you feel?

  • googlemagoogle

    LT, talking bout "constructive", but did you actually say something yourself? black and white whatever, i guess you understood my point.

  • LittleToe


    talking bout "constructive", but did you actually say something yourself?

    Of course I did. I encouraged you to look beyond the two dimensional opinion that God is either bad or non-existant from a humanistic POV, in my initial reply.

    I think I caught your drift, alright

  • googlemagoogle

    the sky is pink. and i'm a psycho, but it's not my fault.

  • LittleToe

    No, it's grey - but that's globally subjective too...

  • czarofmischief

    Life and death are inextricable parts of this existence. So is pain and suffering.

    Indeed, the only thing that makes us any different is that we are the ones who are surprised when bad things happen to us or those we love.

    You've created a strawman - that God wouldn't let bad things happen to babies - and then proven that the God doesn't exist. When babies have died from the beginning of time; just because it offends our sensibilities and seems horrible doesn't make it unusual.


  • googlemagoogle

    no, i have proven that a omnipotent, good god does not exist. there still is the possibility that a omnipotent, bad god exists, or a not so mighty, but good god exists. sort of "baal on the throne". but what would a prayer help then, anyway?

    now you could argue about the definition of "good". but if cutting off a babie's arms is good or bad, or something in between, to not sound black-and-white-ish, you can argue with someone else, not me.

  • LittleToe

    You've not proved anything. Don't you get that yet?
    The issue has been around for millenia, and noone has proved what you claim. Belief still exists, flying in the face of the "conclusive evidence" that you present.

    You've missed off your list: "God doesn't think like us, and works to His own definition of "good"", as well as a few other things. The list is growing, the answers are not...

    So, I asked what tools you use to cope. Is it simply a matter of ignoring it, and writing of humankind as a clever (albeit occasionally sociopathic) animal?

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