Hard to get over: No New System

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  • Nosferatu

    But, tell me, who or what is responsible for all the 'good things'? Is it not the same as saying 'there cannot be a God because of all the bad things'.......but who gets any credit for the 'good things'?

    Are you recommending any particular organization I should research for more truth?

    Geoff, why not join a local gang? Let me ask you this question, when people talk about gangs, do they talk about the good things a gang offers? No, they talk about how horrible they are, killing people, robbing others of posession and money, vandalizm, etc. But nobody focuses on the good that they do! They give others a sense of security, fellowship, and they provide members material posessions and money to live.

    I am not stupid, and I do not endorse the errors made by either the wts or its representatives

    Also, there may be good people in the gang who have never committed a crime. Are they just as guilty as the other members of the gang?

  • seattleniceguy

    Nos, that is an excellent response! It makes something important very clear: any organization has both good and bad points. Another example would be a totalitarian regime. Some might say, "Stop concentrating on the negative things about our communist government. Think about the good things."

    The question is not whether there are good things about the organization. For any organization, the answer is yes. The real test is to weigh the good things against the bad things. And in order to do that, you must enumerate both clearly.

    Gdt, does that make sense to you? Thoughts?


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