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  • jgnat
    Ok. What do you suggest I do then? I don't think there is any other way

    The trick is to engage the heart of the Witness, not the mind. They have rehearsed and prepared for any kind of intellectual response. What they are not prepared for is genuine, heart-to-heart communication, and empathy. Both giving and receiving. To know how to reach YOUR witness, you must know their innermost thoughts and desires. Ask them questions about their past, interests, hobbies, and desires. ANYTHING that does not fit the witness profile. In that journey of discovery, you will find the key to get them out.

    To give you an idea of the depth of research you need, you may fill out Steve Hassan's "Ex-Cultist Background Information" form. You ay use the form without submitting it to him, but it is a great tool to help you organize your own thoughts and strategy.

    and you did not show me how to put paragraphs in my sentences when I post lol

    The fix all depends on the internet browser you are using. I use Internet Explorer, so I can "fix" the posts just by opening them. If you are using firefox or something else, the fix is more complex and other posters will likely have your fix. Check out the Technical Support discussions section of this board.

  • Cosmos

    sass_my_frasss, when i say that my story is quite different I mean that he seem to have a mind of his own. Infact he does not care what the elders think anymore.

    jnat. thank you again. I will post how things go

  • Cosmos

    After a very long time I have return to tell you have things have gone.. I broke up with him mainly because I figured it was not worth it and also because he wanted to do sexual activities... which I am not keen on. He wanted to see me in my underway and wanted to make out with me in my underwear... I told him hell no, that is not the way I have been brought up. Anyway I came to the conclusion that he was sexually frustrated hence why he wanted a girlfriend but then he did not get what he bargained for because I always said no to him which made him fustrated. He of course denies this. Anyways I am free and I feel totally relaxed now. That relationship really stressed me out. He was so dependent on me so it was difficult to break up with him. When I broke it off with at this point he was very confused and did not know what to believe in anymore. The Elders were ignoring him and he felt that his life no longer had any meaning. Well he told me that he was going to go back to a life of stealing(he has dodgy past) since I broke up with him and he has nothing to do. We are now friends and I have persuaded him to go to college(he is starting in September of this year. He asks me questions like the trinity and things like that and I try my best to answer them. Well he seems to be doing well now. Well that it lol

  • littlebigtown123

    i read all of this. I am thinknig of dating this JW. I am a Christian myself. She said she can't date me and is trying to be my friend only and that's giving me a headache. I'm trying to learn more about being a JW and I am going to my first meeting.

  • GLTirebiter

    Welcome, Littlebigtown!

    She said she can't date me and is trying to be my friend only and that's giving me a headache.

    She probably is being honest with you, not playing "hard to get". What she said is consistent with Watchtower doctrine. Witnesses are supposed to date only other Witnesses, and dating is serious for them--it is about seeking a marriage mate, not just enjoying each others' company. If you do begin to date, realize that it is serious business for her! So unless you intend to become a Witness (which I do NOT recommend), it is best to accept her at her word.

    I'm trying to learn more about being a JW and I am going to my first meeting.

    You will not learn much from attending one meeting, even several of them. Before you go to the meeting, please learn about their doctrines from another point of view. is an excellent resource for this (see their articles about doctrine, sociology, etc.). Expect to be "love bombed", as a newcomer everybody will want to meet you and act friendly. You will be offered a "Bible Study" (really, a study of Watchtower publications, with the Bible--their own version of the Bible--used mostly as a source of short quotes). That "study" really is a recruiting plan, and their sales techniques are powerful. Forewarned is forearmed!

  • Wonka

    Littlebigtown, That's what I'm doing here. I'll shut up and listen because this is an awesome thread! Thank you all so much. This has honestly been a support system for me over the past few days.

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