What's Your Opinion Regarding Spanking A Child?

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  • Undecided

    I think it worked on me. It also worked with my kids. I never got really mad when I spanked my kids, but they got the point. I very seldom had to spank them after they were in school. I really didn't hurt them but they didn't like it, so didn't provoke me very often.

    Ken P.

  • gypsywildone

    Personally, I think it only breeds resentment. I feel it is a primative response/coping mechanism. It is a loss of control in the spanker.

    My dad & I were recently discussing this, & while he at first said spanking worked, he had to admit it only made him angry as a child. It made him feel angry & powerless. And it also made him hate teachers. His dad spanked, he rarely did spank, & the teachers were maniacal back when he was in school. The lesson he learned? It was appropriate for larger human beings to hit smaller ones. It was ok for someone strong to hit someone weaker. Not cool!

    When I was in school, they used wooden paddles & pulled kids by the hair, etc. It also made me have a hatred of teachers, school, & authority in general. I had the meanest teacher ever in third grade, she pulled my hair & hit me. Up until that time, I liked school. It was there in third grade I started the countdown. 9 more years, 8 more years, etc.

  • Yerusalyim
    they have me wrapped round their finger en it.

    You don't see this as a source of problems for the child later?

    I've seen kids that are the product of parents that never spanked, moderately spanked, and those who abused their kids....the worst behavior was from kids who were never swatted and those who were abused...The ones who had recieved moderate physical discipline were the best behaved.

  • ohiocowboy
    The ones who had recieved moderate physical discipline were the best behaved

    The best behaved, or the most fearful?

    I too know people that were never spanked as children, but rather had priveledges taken away, as well as other PRODUCTIVE ways of discipline-no allowance for a set time, no TV, extra chores, etc. and they turned out to be the nicest, caring, honest, genuine people that I have met. Then I have met some that were raised with physical pain as a corrective measure, and it seems that it has caused more emotional problems for some when they got older.

  • Yerusalyim

    No, the most fearful were the ones that were abused as kids.

    The ones who never received physical discipline were the ones that were disrespectful to peers and those in charge.

  • Simon

    I think smacking just teaches them that being bigger and bulling works. Often it's done out of anger and I don't think the child learns much from it other than "people can be bastards".

    Our kids can be stubborn as hell and smacking does *not* work (so what's the point doing it - it just makes you both feel bad). Talking and reasoning with them does work and, most importantly, they learn from it. They apologise for what they have done and get back to normal much quicker.

    Very often the problem is with us parents and not the children.

    If they bible says to do it, then it must be wrong !!

  • drwtsn32

    I hope that we can avoid spanking entirely. IMO it'd be better to simply explain and reason with the child.

    If they are too young to comprehend that, are they going to understand why you're spanking them? I don't see how.

    It's not OK for children to hit other children, or for adults to hit other adults. Why is it acceptable that adults hit children?

    I know a few couples who exercise the above and it works very well for them. I just hope it works when we decide to have kids.

  • Elsewhere

    Oh, there are certain naughty apostababes who are always in need of a thorough spanking!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    There's a fine line between spanking and abuse. Be careful not to cross it. Nevertheless, children need spanking. They won't die.


  • Yerusalyim
    If they bible says to do it, then it must be wrong !!

    Ya mean like the part about feeding widows and orphans?

    Doing unto others?


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