How Many Here Are "Technically" Still JWs???... Who's Not??

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  • Mary

    I'm still a regular pioneer who's been invited to go to Gilead.

  • blondie
    I just had a JW come by my work

    min, too bad you have business that invites the public in. I would ask her if she was there to buy something; if not spend my time with a customer.

    If I were asked about my nonmeeting attendance that way, I would say, "what are they saying is the reason? Why do you think I owe you an explanation? The only person I have to explain it to is God and I already have."

    Does she spend money at your business?

    I'm glad my new job puts me out of daily contact with JWs.


  • proud goat
    proud goat

    its interesting seeing how differently people are treated in this so called united and organised religion

    we hadnt been to a single meeting for over two years, and dispite being brought up in that cong since 4years old not a soul contacted us no phone calls nothing even from the elders,we could have been dead!

    then someone spotted a christmas tree in our window and reported it to the elders,they then suddenly got in touch asking us if we wanted help comming back and why we had celebrated xmas ! we told them as politely as poss to leave us alone and they then insisted we disassociate ourselves or we would be disfellowshiped it was the best letter i ever wrote!!!!!!!

    while this was happening we knew of an elders daughter who had left and was openly living with a guy and to this day she has not been dissfellowshiped!!!!!

    (please excuse spelling and punctuation )

  • Purza
    I have not been df'd, and I have not da'd myself. To each their own, but for me, doing so would be allowing the WTS to have some sort of control over me.

    That sums up how I feel perfectly. I guess I am "technically" inactive -- but in my heart I am no longer a JW.

    I walked away when the elders came knocking on my door. They were not persistent in coming after me. I assume my card is still there, but I could really care less.

    The elder that was "after me" saw my best friend (also inactive) at a party and he steered clear away from her. Guess he doesn't want to know what is going on in our lives. Whatever!


  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    Well I still go to most meetings, I even answer up when there is a point I beleive in, and I even turn in a report to keep them off my back. But I haven't gone door to door for about 3 years. So I am still a JW . I'm on the outside looking in.

  • wannaexit

    WOW RR

    There must be some slacker elders down your parts. I can't believe they haven't done anything to you.


    I am technically in although there is this burning desire to blurt out what I know. I know that at some point it will get me in trouble. Deep down I know that I will welcome the consequences if that day does come.

    wannaexit ( who is dreaming of the day she will be borg-free.)

  • minimus

    Blondie, the customer does spend money here so I try to be cordial and still cut off any questioning.

  • doogie
    doing so would be allowing the WTS to have some sort of control over me. If I don't believe what they teach, why should I allow myself to be df'd, or especially why should I da myself?

    some may say that to continue to be counted as a member is not only 'playing the game' (working the 'loophole' of no shunning as long as the org has placed...or not placed...a certain label on you) but you are in effect on a very tiny scale helping to encourage the active witnesses (assuming the org doesn't pad their numbers as it is).

    i look at it kind of like not buying sweatshop clothing. "what is really going to change if one person stops supporting the 'machine' of sweatshop labor?" nothing. but what if a million people do? what if a million people wait and do nothing? the problem will get worse and more innocent people will suffer.

    i don't know if i'm saying it right. i just mean that i believe that for me to continue to be counted (even as 'inactive') would be lending my '1' to a column on a chart that i really don't want to, and can't support anymore.

  • Carmel

    DF'd nearly 45 years ago. Not on any statistical report. Culturally deprived by some standards...


  • baysixforme

    Suppose I am still a JW, (only by the skin of my teeth). If they knew what I got upto then I'd be disfellowshipped good and proper!

    Did consider disassociating myself but to be honest, couldn't be arsed!

    I've been inactive for about four years, happy out and will never go back.


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