How Many Here Are "Technically" Still JWs???... Who's Not??

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  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    If I've said it once,I've said it a thousand times....

    The fiercest enemy is the person with nothing to lose.

    I'm their "Frankenstein's monster". Frankenstein

    Frankenstein---Defined as,:" the creature that turns on it's creator".

    You MADE me Watchtower.How do you like your very own creation? "I'm gonna rub their nose in it" Notice;Undaunted Danny Has no hard feelings toward all you incognito anonymous posters.[mighty moles] "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

    Bearing witness to the Watchtower holocaust Watchtower Whistle Blower

  • kls

    Really don't know what they consider me , i was never dfd just never went back and it is over twenty yrs.

  • Lympicita

    Which reminds me, I really ought to dissassociate myself.

    I'm sure that somewhere along the line I will get the satisfaction of confronting an elder.

    I just wish that some of the few wholesome decent people that I used to be close to during my time as a JW would leave so that I can be friends with them again. Oh well, all will be righted in the new order.


  • IT Support
    IT Support


    We're inactive but there have been statements by the WTS that if you are not "preaching" that you are no longer considered a JW.

    At the last elders meeting I attended, the CO told us the Society's instructions were that inactive publishers' Record Cards should never be destroyed, but just be stored at the back of the file.

    He didn't specifically say that such inactive ones would always be considered JWs, but I'm sure they would like to think they always had that hold over us.

    Personally, I just walked out and have never returned: not (yet!) d/f or d/a.



  • Lehaa

    DF'ed 2 months and having a great time.

  • Insomniac

    I'm not sure what I am. As far as I know, I'm not disfellowshipped, unless they saw fit to do so without informing me. I stopped going to meetings about two years ago, and I haven't gone door-to-door since who knows when. When I missed a few meetings due to illness (I almost died), nobody even bothered to check if I was alive or not, so it was really easy to just quit altogether. Best decision I ever made!

    I've not disassociated myself, because that feels to me like playing their game by their rules, and I don't owe them a damned thing- not an explanation or a goodbye. So, I guess that makes me still officially a witness!

  • ellderwho

    NOT, out since `81


  • Deleted

    I'm in the same column as you, Minimus. I'm out but not da'd or df'd. One of the teenagers in the local congregation told my son that I "went crazy and then went apostate". So I don't think I am considered a JW, just an apostate. I think the "went crazy" part came from a comment I made that I wouldn't go to the Memorial (1999) as I would partake. My point was not that I am "annointed" but that there was no such thing as the Great Crowd appreaing in 1935 and it would be an insult to JC not to partake. I regret leaving as I did, by the way, I should have taken it more slowly.

  • minimus

    Deleted, How would you have taken it more slowly??

  • GenericMan

    I'm still associated and in good standing. How little they know.

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