Go Get Em COSBY!!!

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  • bigboi

    A post from another message board I frequent. A poster called Ombra. I really like this cat. The wordplay in his poetry is awe-inspiring.

    thats out of order, it's not that he struck a nerve with what he said, its that he HAD THE NERVE, it's no secret that i hate the word nigga/nigger and pretty much don't fit the criteria of the "type" he's adressing..but i know them..i see them everyday, work with them, help them, and have been helped by them..the blame game is over, solutions are in order, and this ain't gonna speed up the process, especially when we're too busy disagreeing with each other to try to come up with some..

    and everybody talkin about "see!! SEE! we're talkin about it now,that's what he wanted..at least he's done that much"


    we're the choir..

    think about it..

    the message ain't even reaching the people that should probably be listening..

    instead of going on this press conference thai raid, he may wanna figure out where the ears of the streets are..calm himself down, and repeat his POINT to those who really need to listen..
  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry
    Forgive me for thinking someone of his stature (Bill Cosby) could do better.

    I think he's doing just great! Keep up the good work Bill!

  • Michael3000
    agreed, whites don't usually view the color of their skin as a bonding force

    Well, I believe there are many examples of that in the White Male-dominated corporate & financial cultures, as well as the usual "old boy" organizations - not to mention the White elite organizations. Country Club, anyone?

    Mr. Cosby makes valid points that may be hard for some (including Blacks) to swallow. However, I think what he is most frustrated about is the lack of parental responsibility, as well as individual responsibility, period. It's a given that Whites are found at the very highest levels of government, business, education, and religion in America; therefore, it's much easier to find acceptance and prosperity in those areas if you are White. Blacks have been stigmatized, stereotyped, and categorized for more than 400 years in this country (and, of course, they are not the only group to have been treated so) primarily because of the unwillingness of the majority (Whites) to WANT to know more about the minority's (Blacks) culture, beliefs, aspirations, fears, etc. White America often takes the path of least resistance in regard to race relations/understanding, i.e., the unspoken feeling is "Why should I concern myself with these other folks, when I can remain safely within my own socio-economic/cultural/ethnic society?" Couple this with the advent White America In Denial (the ostrich effect), and you pretty much have, in a nutshell, the crux of the problem with race in this country. There is not enough dialogue between the races, to see where we stand with respect to each other, to try to come to some understanding about who we are, where we've come from, and where we're all going.

  • wednesday

    well yes Michael, but the correct color at the country clubs is GREEN, all green all the time. Green will get u in just about anywhere.

  • JT


    I have stated over and over that I fully agree with you that Cosby could have said it differently, at a different place, to a different group , he could have worded it differently etc but that in noway changes the bottom line issue and that is there are issues in the black community that black folks have to address themselves-

    Yes it maybe a problem that other groups too may need to address as well, but we keep coming to the same bottom line, black folks have to be responsible for certain things within their own community

    It is all about choices and too many black folks are making choices that in the long and short run don?t benefit them and they CAN?T BLAME Anyone except themselves

    I thought this article highlights my point very will that black folks have the wrong priorities, esp in terms of what will benefit them in some long term fashion and not just for the moment

    I got this article out of the USA Today paper and there is just no way to excuse this behavoior discussed in this article by blaming Whitey or Society- there comes a time when one must make a choice and as black too many of us make bad choices and laugh about it-




    >Tough choices for tough times (USA Today) >

    >By Yolanda Young

    >These are tough economic times, especially for African-Americans, for whom

    >the unemployment rate is more than 10%. Alarmingly, rather than

    >belt-tightening, the response has been to spend more. In many poor

    >neighborhoods, one is likely to notice satelli te dishes and expensive new


    According to Target Market, a company that tracks black consumer

    >spending, blacks spend a significant amount of their income on depreciable

    >products. In 2002, the year the economy nose-dived, we spent $22.9 billion

    >on c lothes, $3.2 billion on electronics and $11.6 billion on furniture to

    >put into homes that, in many cases, were rented.

    Among our favorite

    >purchases are cars and liquor. Blacks makeup only 12% of the U.S.

    >population, yet account for 30% of the country's Scotch consumption.

    >Detroit, which is 80% black, is the world's No. 1 market for Cognac. So

    >impressed was Lincoln with the $46.7 billion that blacks spent on cars that

    >the automaker commissioned Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, the entertainment and

    >fashion mogul , to design a limited-edition Navigator replete with six

    >plasma screens, three DVD players and a Sony PlayStation 2.

    >The only area where blacks seem to be cutting back on spending is books;

    >total purchases have gone from a high of $356 million in 2000 to $303

    >million in 2002. This shortsighted behavior, motivated by a desire for

    >instant gratification and social accep tance, comes at the expense of our


    The National Urban League's "State of Black America 2004" report

    >found that fewer than 50% of black families owned their homes compared with

    >more than 70% of whites.

    >According to published reports, the Ariel

    >Mutual Funds/Charles Schwab 2003 Black Investor Survey found that when

    >comparing households where blacks and whites had roughly the same household

    >incomes, whites saved nearly 20% more each month for retirement, and 30% of

    >African-Americans earning $100, 000 a year had less than $5,000 in

    >retirement savings

    . While 79% of whites invest in the stock market, only

    >61% of African-Americans do. Certainly, higher rates of unemployment,

    >income disparity and credit discrimination are financial impediments to th e

    >economic vitality of blacks, but so are our consumer tastes.

    By finding the

    >courage to change our spending habits, we might be surprised at how far the

    >$631 billion we now earn might take us. Yolanda Young's next book is SPADE:

    >A Critical Look at Black America.


    >We all send thousands of jokes through e-mail without a second thought, but

    >when it comes to sending messages regarding life choices, people think twice

    >about sharing.

    The crude, vulgar, and sometimes the obscene pass freely

    >through cyberspace, but publ ic discussion of decency is too often

    >suppressed in school and the workplace.





    >The race is not given to the swift but to the one who endures it


  • scrubmaster

    I agree with JT -- I am African American and we need to solve our issues and stop blaming other people. What has happen in the passed has happen in the pass. I give an example I often times see where we like nice clothes, cars and etc -- how may times have a driven by apartment complexes and seen nice card landrovers, lexus and etc and watch as a black person walk out the door of their apartment closed the car and get into their exspensive car. I drive a 99 nissan Altima which is almost paid for and my wife drives a 00 honda civic which is almost paid for -- we recently brought a house which has gone way up in value --- guess what I will be driving my Altima until it falls apart and she will be doing the same with her honda -- because we choose to invest in something which will provide a return on our money and not just exspensive things which will lose money -- make money work for us is what we as blacks have not learn to do ----

  • Cassiline
    If Bill Cosby had a problem with the Black youth, then let him go to Black youth. If he can't do that for whatever reason, then he needs to keep his comments about others to himself.

    I disagree I think that the parent of the youth should be spoken to first. If this is not working then to those leaders who may influence the parent. It's hard enough for most parents to get the right message across to their children let alone an adult they do not know.

    I think every culture should have someone who is willing to put themselves on the line to assure the message is heard.

    But isn't that kind of like 'the blind leading the blind'? I mean, how can a person that has grown up ignorant and unconcerned with education pass on the exact opposite ideals to their child? How can a person who speaks American English horribly teach a child proper American English? It's not impossible, but difficult and unlikely. It seems to me if you instead try to mold the younger ones before they are jaded and don't care, you'd find more success. I say, "go to the youth!" Start young in schools. Impress upon them the need to get an education. If the parents aren't doing it, those that are bitching should.

    Bridget That is why I added those leaders who may have an impact. And also I believe speaking to youth today (from my own experience) sometimes does no good. My daughters can drive me crazy! But I also believe the values I instilled in them as young children stay with them today and guide them. I am in no way saying that Black parents do not instill the same values I did. But however as you suggest by saying the ?blind leading the blind? then the leaders of such communities need to be the ones who take the bull by the horns perhaps to get the parent to listen. My only reason for suggesting that Cosby although his message could have been said differently was a ?good thing? in speaking to black leaders and not the children because all children have problems with any type of authority it seems these days. And if more community leaders were to speak out on such perhaps parents would listen and then the children would learn by example or education by parents. Please be aware my comments are not only directed to the black community. Cassi

  • Crazy151drinker

    Are we going to talk about reparations next??

  • Fred H
    Fred H

    Hi everybody.
    I came accross this chat forum looking for a transcript of Cosby's speach. It affected me greatly. I'm white, middle class...uh...w.a.s.p!
    I have to say that reading the entire thread so far has been cathartic.

    Thanks especially to bigboi and JT

    Are you people really Jehovahs Whitness?
    .....well I'll be damned! (joke)

    There doesn't seem to be any phony psudo-pious practioners here. I can't believe your the same folks who used to knock on my door.....

    Thank you all. It's been very interesting, enlightening and as I said cathartic.
    I guess now I'll have to come up with an opinion.
    I'll have to say that I applaud Mr. Cosby. I believe he was talking to a room full of activists (and a few victocrats) who could handel it. As for the rest of us, he said "Let them talk!"
    And so we are.

  • talesin

    Well, I might have knocked on your door many years back, Fred.

    But not now, because I am a RECOVERING JEHOVAH'S WITNESS. hahahaha

    Welcome to the forum, Fred H.

    The H doesn't stand for "Hall" does it?

    Pious schmious, I hate that crap. You won't find much of that here. ;)

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