'Deaden your body members'

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  • Carmel

    Why thank you there sweety! You're being mighty generous of late,, got that holiday spirit? Naughty, naughty, nose in the noggy!

    sweet carmel candy

  • JAVA


    I wish Java and Larc had been on my comittee cases. I might have passed.

    I don't believe you or anyone else deserved larc on a committee; he started meetings off with a prayer ending with "off with their heads" and "disembowelment." Typical elder, and as a professor, well . . . I won't even go there. Otherwise, larc is a nice guy.

    --the Beerman Elder's tag team

  • larc

    JAVA points that I was a little impetuous, but his deep wisdom taught me the importance of mercy, so, thinker, if it would have been up to us, we would have given you a spanking and sent you home to bake us each an apple pie.

    Spelling: I am not concerned about spelling, that's why god made spell checkers before he rested, or was that Al Gore, before he invented pizza, I forget now which it was.

  • waiting

    Hey Carmel,

    sweet carmel candy

    Thus, the name Sweetpea, eh?

    How's your travels going? What do you do in that desert for Christmas? Thanksgiving was a marvel of efficiency, imo. Look forward to the details of the feast.

    seet carmel candy

    We schoolmasters must temper discretion with deceit. Evelyn Waugh

    Have a good time.


  • RedhorseWoman
    that's why god made spell checkers

    Typical male....won't use the damn thing.....but he knows it exists and gets snotty about it, too! (hehehe)

  • Carmel

    Waiting my dear,

    Old carmel is back in his cave. No need for the AC as cool wet weather is upon us. Bright and sunny today though. We could hear Arab Christian loud speakers from the Waddi blatting out a poor rendition of Rudoph last evening along with the other reached christmas carols. God I dislike that crap! Anyway, haven't decided what the consumables will be tomorrow since I came home seven pounds heaver than when I left! And that doesn't include the chainsaw I smuggled in in my duffle bag!

    I was thinking about having left overs and not bothering with hunting for another jar of chunky peanut butter. They sell that god-awful beanut butter that has no preservatives, all the oil is at the top and it takes a week to stir it into the rest of the mix. Ends up clear up the knife blade, on your knuckles and dripping off your wrist. Naw! too much work. Homus and pita will have to do!

    Whatchyou havin?

    carmel crunchless

  • larc


    Regarding spell checkers: Why do you think a man who hogs the remote, thinks that professional wrestling is a real sport, and won't ask for directions when he's driving would us a spell checker? Hey, I'll tell you what a warm, sensitive man I am. For Christmas I gave my wife a new washing machine.

    Now Waiting it's your turn: that quote about Schoolmasters. I know I was a good teacher. Out of thirty students, 3 were interested and the rest stayed awake.

  • waiting

    Hey Red,

    They caught the first female serial killr, but she didn't kill the men herself. She gained access to their apartments, hid their remote controls and they killed themselves. Elayne Boosler

    and for my dear larc upon scholarly reflections:

    Any student will tell you that the longest five minutes in the world are the last five minutes of a lecture, while the shortest five minutes are the last five minutes of an exam. Karl Newell

    and for the beautiful, thoughtful, new washing machine:

    The advantage of a classical education is that it enables you to despise the wealth which it prevents you from achieving. Russell Green

    Generally speaking, of course.


  • larc


    Sometimes I wanted to leave 5 minutes early myself. I found that the best thing to do was to ask if there were any questions. The room would fall silent. If a student was dumb enough to ask a question and prolong the misery they would be soundly flogged once they left the room, I'm sure.

    Regarding affluence, I retired at 100% of pay, of course that's easy to do when you make 10 thousand a year.

    Best compliment I ever got from a student: she asked me if I was a stand up comic. She loved my humor. Most of the time the others did to.

    As far a gifts for my wife, I am a warm sensitve man. I was going to get her Firestone tires for her Ford, but I thought that might be sending a mixed message.

  • RR


    "People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones"

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