I was 9-years old when Jehovah's Witnesses had their so-called Bible Studies in our home. These indoctrinations continued off and on by various JWs until I was in high school. Our family had no other religion so we attended meetings from time to time. Thankfully my parents were never baptized into the sect. After high school I was suckered into attending meetings regularly. I soon became very active and was appointed a Book Study Conductor. In time I became the Theocratic Ministry School Servant, and later the Bible Study Servant. When the elder system started, I was an elder and appointed Presiding Overseer. During part of this time I pioneered and wrote the press releases for our circuit and district assemblies. After several years of mind-numbing meetings, I saw how the Society blamed the followers for their 1975 failure. That was the final straw exposing the wizard behind the curtain. I stopped attending meetings but my JW spouse turned me in for the sin of voting. I remarried in 1990, graduated from Antioch University in 1993, followed by graduate work at Wright State University. I've been out of the Tower over 20 years. It's good using the brain again! :)