'Deaden your body members'

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  • DriveslikeJehu

    Isn't the body just as important? If you don't take care of your body and you die, you can't very well take care of yourself spiritually, can you? On the other hand, if you don't take care of yourself spiritually, you won't be around to worry about your body either.hehe So the two go hand-in-hand, see?

    Paul was generally speaking of fleshly desires(sexual included) that could weaken one's faith.

  • somebody

    hi everybody,

    The book of Collosians is a letter written by Paul to the CHURCH of Colosse .
    I've read Collosians 3:1-11. Verse 5 was the one that states to deaden your body members that are on earth as regards to fornication,uncleanness, sexual appetite, etc. Actually, I've read from chapter 2..verse 20...up to 3:11. I still have the understanding that it's ( congregation) "members" make up the body. The way I see it...it has to. The WTBTS used the scripture to say that according to God's word, it's wrong to masturbate. They were trying to insinuate that "members" means sexual organs. Verse 2 and 3 are very improtant here. It explains what "deaden" means in verse 5. I think the point Paul was making is to teach the members of the church about the importance of having morals, sexually.

    till next time,

  • RR

    Oh c'mon people, who has time for sex, when you've got five meetings to attend, field service, Kingdom Hall cleaning, preparing for meetings, Bible studies, yadda, yadda, yadda

    "People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones"

  • thinker

    I agree, the Society does kind of warp our minds about sex. It is that thinking that got me into an abusive seventeen year marriage with a "brother in good standing". Actually an ex Bethelite. Personally I think his anger stems from latent homosexual tendencies. He has done everything he possibly can to hide these feelings, including getting remarried. As you all know, I am married again too. To a wonderful man "in the world". I think sex is all about expressing love to your chosen mate. Our bodies are just what we use to express that love. We love our own bodies, why not love the body of our mate. If we decide to express that love, in any way we choose, that is acceptable to both of you, then what is the problem? It is a body, not seperate parts. And I choose to love all of it. Regardless of what is or is not considered porneia by the Society. Thinkers Wife

  • thinker

    redundant, sorry , TW

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  • Carmel

    I thought "deadening the body" was having the elders present those god-awful boring talks. Even as a kid, my butt went to sleep right after the "introduction" along with the rest of the arses in the cong.
    BTW ma waiting, I just knew I'd find you over here at point tillitation! you and the equestrian queen just keep me up all night fantacising! I thought it was the hot weather that got me all sweaty but the AC is off now and a chill in the air but I'm still swooning in clammy covers thinkin...


  • RedhorseWoman

    Carmel, you THINK, too? Wow! What a man!

  • ianao

    I have read these scriptures regarding 'deaden the members', and the clear application of context shows that it is in regards to adultery, and sexual appetite. I remember reading something about cutting off your right hand if need be in these scriptures. I would not take that literally, as it seems to be another Biblical principal, i.e. 'abstain from varacious sexual appetite', or 'oooh baby, let's get da bootey down!' is a no no. While one could apply the mention of a 'right hand' in one way or another, I also note that James is not founder of God's direct laws, and only gives standards. Seems to me, masturbation is a personal choice, best left to the person involved for one reason or another. :)


  • waiting

    Hey caveman,

    A man's womenfolk, whatever their outward show of respect for his merit and authority, always regard him secretly as an ass, and with something akin to pity. H.L. Mencken

    Good thing we ain't your womenfolk, eh? Ain't no secrets here! And we ain't a kin to pity either.


  • thinker

    What is imho? Help us please. TW

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