Has Anyone Ever Met Any Celebrities?

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  • simplesally

    I lived in San Francisco, so I dated Champ Summers (Giants) and Jim Stuckey (49ers)

  • pr_capone

    I used to live down the street from Carlos Delgado, 1st baseman for the Toronto Bluejays when I was still living in Puerto Rico. Used to go over to his house and play nintendo with his little brother.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • brianhenke

    Johnny Bench (he came to my school in 73). We all thought baseball players were superheroes - but greed, the Pete Rose gambling incident, the fact that the Reds said they would be competitive when they got to Great American Ballpark last year only to see top players like Aaron Boone, Scott Williamson, etc. traded to other teams, overpaid primadonnas, the fact that big money teams get good players while small market teams lose them, etc., etc., etc. It's no wonder many people have gone on to other sports like say NASCAR.

    Emma Samms (came to Cincy in 1984 and told her that General Hospital (for the young ones out there, it was big back then) was off the air in Dayton. She went to Dynasty and back to GH and then to Models Inc. and back to England - and GH was still off the air there. It came back to Dayton in 2000 after 17 years!) Last heard from, Holby City on the BBC (and it's not on BBC America).

    Chris Benoit (met him at work - he may become WWE champ at WrestleMania). I post wrestling updates on rec.arts.tv. He was on Raw tonight.

  • morty

    BTW Mouthy, Tom Jones is the nicest guy I have ever met..He played in London about 11 years ago and I had a chance to meet him, as I was working at the time as security guard at the concert...he really does get alot of bloomers thrown at him!! Some of the seniors were the worst for throwing them...lol..

    At a hockey fund raiser I met alot of The Toronto Maple Leafs team...They were all pretty cool, and really good with the kids in wheel chairs..I also met Ty Domi from the leafs at the hospital when my son was in there..He came around to ALL the rooms to see each and everyone of the kids...

    I met Garth Brookes and Martina McBride at a concert in Toronto...We had back stage passes...That was a memory I will never forget! Garth was a really nice guy to talk to, and even more sexy in real life

    And finally I met Chris Farley, David Spade, and Adam Sadler at the Toronto Airport in the bar...We had a drink with them, and all their body gaurds....It only lasted for about 20 mins, but they were so funny!! I believe they had the hots for my girlfriend and that is why we got invited to their table to have adrink..( she did not even know who they were at first) She also gets told all the time that she looks like Shania Twain, and I really think they thought it was her, and that is why we got invited...anyways, the experience was one I will never forget!

  • SixofNine

    I lived in Dallas, so I dated Raphael Septein (Cowboys) and Raphael Palmero (Tx Rangers)


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Back in the early eighties there was a movie call Rabbit Test. It starred a yet unknown at the time by the name of Billy Crystal. I had read all about it in a Playboy interview with Joan Rivers. It was her ?baby? and she had completely financed the film and even mortgaged her house to finish the project. Sadly the film failed miserably at the box office. Anyway, the movie had just started and I went for popcorn. As I?m standing there, right next to me was one other person also waiting to be served. She was this little mouthy broad who didn?t shut up the whole time I was standing there. I got to looking closer at her and I?ll be damned if it wasn?t Joan Rivers herself. So I asked her if it were true that she hocked everything she had to make the movie? And she said, "You bet your ass, honey!" It was great. We stood there and talked for a while about the movie and then she went out into the mall area (it was an inside theater) and started pulling people aside to get them to buy tickets and see her movie. She had no shame. It was the funniest thing I ever saw.

    Oh and yes of course there?s Morgan Fairchild, whom I slept with . . . . (Smile)


  • Purple

    Ive met a few australian celebrities and they were pretty much people! However one I would love to meet is Robbie Williams..boy would I leave an impression on him!!!!!!!!! He did say he wanted an australian wife........oh robbiee I'm free...call on me.......... sex me up Robbie!!!!!!!!!!

  • El Cid
    El Cid

    I met Mark Mothersbaugh (former lead singer for Devo and in-demand music composer) back in the mid-80's at the Beverly Center (big mall in Beverly Hills). I recognized him in the mall and went up to introduce myself - he was really nice and we ended up chatting with him for about 10 minutes or so.

  • Tatiana

    LOL @surrep....

    I saw Janet Jackson's breast.

    I met Larry King. I was on his show. He is truly a gentleman.

    Met Scotty Pippen at a club in Chicago. My brother worked there and I could go to the VIP room anytime. My brother's girlfriend at the time was a waitress there. And he treated her like crap. Was rude and didn't tip her. That same night some of the Bears had to be thrown out for fighting!! Man...are they HUGE!!!!

    He also came to Montgomery Ward to sign autographs. Wards was the official sponser for the Bulls. I worked there and helped set it up. Management ordered all this wonderful catered food for him. After he finished the autograph session, he insulted the store manager, and left without touching it! It was ok. We got to eat it all!

    Met Coolio at a club in Chicago. The same one where those people died in the stairwell. E-2. But, this was when it was called something else. He shook my hand and damn is he short!!!

  • shotgun

    I've noticed that alot of you ladies start with....I lived in ----- so I dated.

    I live in BC yet Pamala Anderson has never dated me, Nelly Furtado..nope, Sarah Maclaughlin..nope, BC Lions dance team..nope.

    Geographical location does not seem to be the deciding factor.....we might just have to get a calendar together of our apostate babes.

    If you have professional atheletes chasing you, its your outstanding looks not your location.

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