Was baptised in 1990 after studying for about 12 months. Stopped going to meetings in the mid 90's. During that time my marriage partner became violent and abbusive and his right to abuse me was upheld by the elders even though he was not a witness. Anyway I studied at uni and gradually came to realise the truth about the truth! I left my partner in April 2003 and have been having a hard time putting my life back together. I am not disfellowished but am thinking about disassociating myself. The lack of love in every congregation and the hypocracy is what got to me in the end! I really dont think any religion is the truth. After all, what God would give you the gift of individuality to exercise freely and then condem you for using that and other gifts bestowed. Doesnt all religion try to make you into something you are not, follow the crowd and loose your individulaity and so on...you get the picture!