Has Anyone Ever Met Any Celebrities?

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  • fader

    Let's see:

    I took a picture with Jimmy Carter this morning. Also saw Rosalynn and their son Jeffrey, didn't take pics with them.

    I met George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice last July (was on CNN for one second with Condi Rice). Also met Barbara Bush (Jr) and Laura Bush.

    Picture taken with Colin Powell in 2001 -- seen him several times since.

    Met Paul O'Neill, Bono and Chris Tucker in 2002.

    Met Daryn Kagan (CNN) in 2002.

    President Bush (Sr) and Barbara Bush in Rome in 1991.

    President Clinton, Mrs. Clinton and Chelsea in Naples, Italy in 1994.

    Met heads of state from other countries (Museveni, Eyadema)

    There' s some more but I can't think of them right now.

  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    Charles M Shultz - one of natures nice guys, Met him at an AmericanAirlines first class check in (I was being upgraded free). Had a gold snoopy in his lapel. I saw him later in the lounge and had a drink with him at the bar - he drew me a small picture of snoopy and the red baron - I have it hanging on my wall

    Diana Princess of Wales - A gentle yet confident lady, met her at Highgrove in her happier times at a garden party. She was wonderful, funny and full of life. She treated my family with such kindness that my children still talk about it to this day. We kept in touch until she passed away and were heart broken the day she died. I never saw sadness in her, just a love of life and living


  • TresHappy

    Mulan, it's Morgan Fairchild's birthday today...

  • imallgrowedup

    Wow! It's amazing the different stories everyone has!

    we might just have to get a calendar together of our apostate babes.

    LOL @ Shotgun! I guess that means we're going to have to include Sixy!

    I lived in Dallas, so I dated Raphael Septein (Cowboys) and Raphael Palmero (Tx Rangers)

    Which month should we have him represent?! Should we have him shave his legs? And what about that five o'clock shadow....? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!!!

    Got Mr. Rogers at the door once... He was visiting a friend in Mount Lebanon (a suburb of Pittsburgh). He was nice but it was obvious he had little tolerance for cults.

    LOL! I guess it wasn't such a "wonderful day in the neighborhood" that day, huh?

    Tom Jones is the nicest guy I have ever met..

    I am glad to hear that he is not always so... full of himself!

    I'd be happy if I only met Ron Howards ugly brother Keith.

    No need to be getting all impressed with my list here, Gumby! Meeting them and spending Christmas with them are two different things! Although it was fun meeting most of them - some were more personable than others, and some I met under better circumstances than others. For example, how I met Bill Medley was when I delivered a pot of coffee to his room at 1:00 in the afternoon. When he opened the door, the room was dark except for a lamp he had turned on. He was in his robe, his hair was all askew, and he had a light-blocking mask still attached to his head, but pushed up onto his forehead. My guess is he probably had a serious case of "morning breath" and he definitely was in no mood to talk. So, the only real impession I could garner from my encounter with him is that he isn't very talkative when he rises in the afternoon! As far as Howard Keel goes, he played at my blackjack game for an entire hour and I had no clue who he was until my pit boss told me after I pushed off the game for my break. He actually mentioned he was an actor, but I didn't press him much on the topic (don't remember why not now). Joe Bonsall also played on my blackjack game, and he wasn't in a very good mood (he was probably losing). The fact that another player recognized him and then proceeded to hand him a tape of his daughter who wanted to break into the "biz" didn't help - he pocketed the tape and stormed off. So, meeting them sometimes really is no big deal. In fact, when I worked there, employees were told that they may meet many celebrities, but that we were to treat them no differently than any other guest. So, since we didn't ask for autographs from Mr. Everyday Customer, we were only allowed to walk away from celebrity encounters with just the memories of meeting them! So you haven't really missed anything!

    That said, the one modern-day celebrity that I would have given anything to meet - hands down - is Princess Diana. I am so so so envious that Jim Dee got to meet her. I too was very saddened by her death - I actually cried when I heard the news. I know she had her problems, just like any of the rest of us do, but I admired her ability to remain "noble" under the pressure and adversity she faced every day while being a member of the royal family.

    Anyway, I'm loving everyone's stories... keep 'em coming!


  • Ghosthunter

    I saw John Travolta filming a movie on a streetcar in New Orleans. We passed him once and when we got off at the end of the line and boarded another streetcar to go back towards the French Quarter, our driver was nice enough to slow down and stop when we approached his streetcar again. He seemed very nice and posed for several pictures.

    My only claim to fame. Does it count?


  • Valis

    Ertha Kitt, George C. Scott, Terry Gilliam, My Life W/The Thrill Kill Cult, Johnny Rotten, Louis Farahkan (SP?), and a couple others I can't remember.

    I also forgto Gibby Haines of the Butthole Surfers/Ministry and his dad Mr. Peppermint. They used to eat at WHoles foods grocery on Greenville ave regularly.


    District Overbeer

  • SheilaM

    When I worked in Salem NH Jay Leno would come in (he was nice to us but fought with his Mom a lot)

    Thunders best friend from his youth is a singer he has sang the National Anthem many times in Boston and around but right now he is General Manager for the group Ra I believe they are with Universal they have a great web site http://www.raband.net/splash.htm#

  • worldlygirl

    Halle Berry - I was working for Revlon when her advertising contract began with them. She's really sweet - doesn't seem pretentious at all.

    Rodney Dangerfield - I took an elevator with he and his wife (very attractive) in the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas.

    Entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210 - This was back in 1995 or 1996 - I was at Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood with some clients and somehow scored tickets to a cast party.

    Ari Fleischer - Friend of a friend of mine.

    Troy Vincent (Philadelphia Eagles) - He has a vacation home not far from here (my ex contracted it.) He signed a football for my son.

    Michael Jordan - Met him at a charity golf tournament. Just a handshake, but it was great... he's my hero!

    I can't think of any others right now.

  • simplesally

    Actually Stacy, my girlfriend was a 'groupie' and she used to drag me out with her and that's how met those guys. She was always getting tickets to the games and was told where some of the guys were hanging out. Champ Summers was a lot older than I was but he was a nice man. Jim Stuckey was pretty 'stuck' on himself.

  • Shaft

    In March of 2000 Senator John Mc Cain (R - Arizona) came to a rally in my state of Michigan campaigning for the Republican Presidential nomination. Even though I usually abhor right wing politicians I was greatly impressed with him prior to his visit to Grand Rapids and was excited at the chance to see him in person. After he spoke I went and shook his hand and he autographed my Mc Cain 2000 sign. He did win Michigan but sadly his campaign went downhill after that. I have also met Brian Lamb of CSPAN fame and got his autograph too. If anyone listens to the NPR show "Fresh Air" then you will know the host Terry Gross. I met her and have her autograph as well. There is a rather obscure American rock band from the Eighties called Husker Du and I met the guitarist Bob Mould and he signed the cover of the Husker Du tape "Candy Apple Gray" Andy (Shaft)

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