Has Anyone Ever Met Any Celebrities?

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  • SanFranciscoJim

    Jack Bailey - moderator of the bizarre quiz show Queen For a Day from back in the 1950s. He was so thrilled that I actually recognized him! He was on a Caribbean cruise and living in a retirement home in Florida.

    Majel Barrett Roddenberry - played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, and the computer voice on the Star Trek series. Later married Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. I've never met a kinder and sweeter personality. I was last in line at her autograph signing at a Star Trek convention, and she wanted to talk to me forever.

    Vanessa Williams - I rode next to her in a shuttle bus between LaGuardia and Newark Airports, and during our conversation, we discovered that we actually have mutual friends!

    James Doohan - "Scotty" from the original Star Trek series. I got him to sign a copy of a tape of an episode from the old black & white TV series The Outer Limits from 1962 entitled "The Expanding Human". Turns out this is the very first role he ever played in a Hollywood production. To my knowledge, I am the only person who owns an autographed copy of this tape.

    John DeLancie - "Q" from Star Trek - the Next Generation. I played a dirty trick on him at a Star Trek convention in San Francisco. I was standing in line waiting for his autograph. The line went out the door and down the street. Instead of having the fans file past him, he decided to have everyone stand stationary as he walked down the line. When he got to me, he asked "So what do you want autographed?", to which I replied: "Autograph? What autograph? I thought this was the line for the cable car!"

    Others I have had fleeting encounters with: Liza Minelli, Linda Gray, Chevy Chase, Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and several others I know I'm forgetting.

    The only celebrity I would never want to meet again was Jerry Lewis, who was rude and abusive to a coworker of mine when she approached him to congratulate him for the work he did with handicapped children. Before she could congratulate him, he snapped "Well, I suppose you want my autograph, don't you?"

  • Kenneson

    President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter in 1999. Had my picture taken with them in Plains, Georgia. Very friendly.

    Chuck Colson, Nixon's assistant who served time for Watergate, and later founder of Prison Fellowship. Shook his hand. He spoke to the Florida Legislature several years ago and I was able to attend because I belong to Prison Fellowship.

    Armand Asante and Robert Duval. "Belizaire the Cajun" was filmed at Acadian Village in Lafayette, La., while I was a tour guide there. Saw them in person. They are pretty good actors.

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    To I'm all growed up: Is is true that tome Jones has a soda can in his briefs?

    Any way, I use to drive a yellow taxi in Manhattan, a job whose workforce is 95% asians and 5% witnesses who are pioneers.

    In my two years of driving I met, Lauren Hutton who was very friendly, Dustin Hoffman who was with a woman so I said nothing, many local and national news people, and the lady who was in Taxi Driver and the King of Comedy, I dont know her name but I think she is Brazilian, shw was Robert Deniro's crush in the king of comedy.

  • Surreptitious

    I saw Janet Jackson's breast.

  • imallgrowedup

    40 -

    Is is true that tome Jones has a soda can in his briefs?

    *haughtily* Mild and chaste women don't ask men questions like that!!!!! LOL!!!!!

    If you really want to know the answer to that, there's a certain somebody who is willing to throw her bloomers at him who may have foreknowledge of this information....!!!

    * * * * * * *

    It's cool to hear everyone's stories! When it comes right down to it, celebrities are people just like us! But it is a thrill to meet them most of the time (unless, it appears, they are like Jerry Lewis!). I've got to say, though, I am envious of Jade. I sure would love to meet Mr. Blue Eyes someday myself!

    *wistful sigh*


  • Insomniac

    OK, long story, but very cool:

    One hot Austin afternoon, I ducked into a bar for a soda. The bar, deserted but for a couple of youngish guys and the bartender, was cool and dim. One of the men began to pluck at his guitar-not really a performance, just idle strumming. He mumbled the lyrics of some song I'd never heard.

    Eventually, he got a little more into his music, playing more decisively, only occasionally singing the words. Mostly, he just just made that guitar sing. I sat for about 20 minutes, just listening to this sweet, pure music, so different from anything I had ever heard before. All the sadness and pain in the world was coming out of that guitar, and it was transcendentally beautiful.

    When the young man finally put the guitar away and sat back down with his friend, I took a moment to tell him how much I'd enjoyed his playing-that he was good enough to be a professional musician. He told me that he had, in fact, played a few gigs from time to time. He thanked me for the encouragement; I made sure to get his name before I left, telling him that if he ever pressed a record, I'd buy a copy.

    About a year later, I was in a record store that carried a lot of local stuff, Austin being a big music town. On a whim, I checked to see if that young guy had ever done anything with his talent. I found to my shock (and joy) that he had put out a fair number of recordings already. The humble young guy I met was one of the greatest bluesmen of all time, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  • ikhandi

    Reggie Lewis RIP. My mom had him as a client and friend and, is good friends with his wife. His wife recently became a JW.

    Scottie Pippen- Was standing behind me on the monrail in the atlanta hartsfield airport.

    Ty Law( the Patriots rock) I met him at a club in boston about a year ago. He's a real cutie!

    I seem to be a magnet for NFL/NBA players.

  • SheilaM

    Yes I sleep with a published author

  • asortafairytale

    The Wilkinsons~~they ate at the restaurant I hostessed at. They were incredibly nice, and when I said I liked their music, they gave me 2 vip passes to the show they were playing that night.

    Kenny Chesney~~ate at the same restaurant. I talked to him and the guys he was with for about 20 minutes. I had no idea who he was, or that he was famous, until after he was gone.

    Tori Amos~~the most incredible moment of my life! :) My girlfriend and I waited 8.5 hours in 19 degree weather for that. Tori was truly a good soul.

  • fearnotruth22

    Dustin Hoffman, Robert DEniro and I also met Buckweat from the liitle Rascals wehn I was a teen. he must a been 90. He asked me if I recognized him I said no then he identified himself,

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