Has Anyone Ever Met Any Celebrities?

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    Guest 77

    OK, here's a few. I played as an extra in a movie with Pierce Brosnan and Lee Majors. Stage actor Robert Morse. I've met Joe Campanella, Rosyln Russell, Buffy St-Marie, AC-DC, Bob Barker, Gregg ?, he played in Mission impossible, a black actor. A soap star that escapes my memory. My wife met Bobby Rydell. We have pictures taken with everyone except Bob Barker.

    Guest 77

  • Richie

    I used to do a lot of travelling for a Swedish Company for many years and met quite a few celebrities personally:

    I remember sitting at the airport bar in Providence, R.I and the person sitting next to me (eating a bowl of soup) was Christopher Reeve (just before he had his terrible accident). We said a few words (I was also with my customer from Boston and he was thrilled to have Christopher Reeve as part of the conversation.)

    In New York I met Yul Brunner in an expensive restaurant (my boss usually invited me to these places) - Yul had a beautiful young woman at his side - he was very cordial and a little shy I found.

    Elliot Gould I met at the Park Lane Hotel - He was a close friend of one of my customers from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Also in New York (I travelled there many times) I encountered Liza Minella - when I was talking to her, I was surprised how insecure she was - she was giggling like a little girl and enjoyed the attention from us quite a bit. David Niven was standing next to her and he was very shy and quiet.

    When I was in Nassau, the Bahamas, I met Sammy Davis Jr. at night while walking in a park next to a yachtclub. I was walking alone and he suddenly appeared out of nowhere - he was a little scared at first but laughed it off and greeted me.

    I personally met David Hasselhoff in Montreal - my whole family shook hands with him. Also in Montreal I met Michael York, who was filming there. Also met Katarina Witt, the German ice-skater. I met Guy Lafleur as well, he used to be a famous hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens.

    Also in New York I met Mary Lou Retton and Regis Philbin, as he was waiting for the longest time in front of a restaurant. He was just standing there next to the hotel I stayed - we met and said hello. Lloyd Bridges was sitting next to us in another restaurant (The Oyster Bar, which is near the Plaza Hotel). Shelley Winters I met at La Guardia Airport - she was just coming back from Montreal finishing a movie there.

    In Salt Lake City I met Dan Janssen, the ex-speed skater. Also in Salt Lake City I met Bernice King last year. She is the daughter of Martin Luther King.

    One time I remember sitting next to Brian Mulroney in an airplane. (At that time he was climbing the ranks and became Prime Minister of Canada 6 months later.) Also in an airplane I met Ilie Nastase, a once famous tennis player. Another time I was sitting next to Mordecai Richler, who is more famous in Canada then in USA. He wrote a few books, one of them being the "Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", on which they also made a movie.

    In Los Angeles I met Cher while they were taping one of her shows at the time. In Montrea I met Leonardi di Caprio and William Dafoe, both of whom were filming there. That was back in August 2003.

    In Westhampton Beach I personally met Gary Grant - he was relaxing at a tennis club. In Miami I encountered James Caan.

    Debbie Reynolds used to visit us frequently in our house in Westhampton Beach. My father had a beach home and Debbie Reynolds was our neighbor. My father had no clue at the time that she was a movie star and she was impressed about the fact that "some people didn't recognize her", as she was tired of being haunted by fans everywhere. I was very young then and even I didn't really realize that she was famous. She liked that and she felt comfortable being with us.

    In Italy I met Oleg Cassini - he was a designer of man's clothing (my father was in the textile business at the time) Oleg was once married to Gene Tierney, a well-known actress in the 1950's.

    In Holland (where I was born) I met Princess Beatrix - she is now the Queen of Holland.

    I also shook hands with Queen Silvia of Sweden in Toronto. She visited with her husband King Gustaf to open a Swedish-Canadian conference on the problem of worldwide pollution of some kind.

    In Freeport, the Bahamas I met Dave Thomas - the late owner of Wendy's. He was a very humble man - he did a lot for underprivileged kids.

    At Toronto Airport I spoke to Ed McMahon, the then right-hand man for Johnny Carson.

    That's all I can remember....... I am not travelling anymore so much, but working from my home - Nowadays I don't meet famous people anymore. Ohhh, before I forgot, I also met some who were part of the Governing Body in Brooklyn..., but that doesn't count - they are not famous but INfamous LOL!

    Richie :*)

  • Tatiana

    Out of the few famous people I've met, one little person won my heart. Did anyone see the movie "HARDBALL?" With Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane? It was (supposedly) based on a true story about a coach from Chicago who helped kids at Cabrini Green win a baseball championship.

    It was a good movie, even though Mayor Daley didn't want it released in Chicago, He actually said kids there didn't use that kind of language and it didn't represent the city! (I don't know what neighborhood he lived in, but I heard rich white kids use worse language than in the movie!)

    Anyway, when I lived with my daughter for a while after I lost my job, we lived next door to the little boy who played "G Baby." We called him Lil' Wayne. He was older than he looked in the movie. He's a small kid. But he was so sweet. He would come over almost every day to play with my daughter's kids. He always had a hug for me. My daughter was good friends with his mom. And in the movie, in the last scenes where people in the stands are cheering, his real mom and his aunt are there.

    My two sons played with him too. I hope he gets some more roles. He's really cute. I still cry over the scene when he gets killed in the movie, even though I know he's right next door to my daughter!

    Also, I watched a special where Keanu was talking about Lil' Wayne. About how preofessional he was and how he even helped him learn HIS lines! (Surely THE ONE doesn't need help!)

  • Brymichmom

    I met William Schallet (he was the Dad on the Gidget TV series and also on the Nancy Drew Mysteries) and I met Bernard Fox (he played "Dr. Bombay on Bewitched and the English Colonel Crittenton on Hogan's Heroes) at the Hungry Tiger Restaurant in Los Angeles about 22 years ago.

    I also recently met Sean Hannity of Fox News Hannity & Colmes. Nice guy!


  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Sheila met Kevin Cronia and the rest of "REO Speedwagon"

    I been puttin it to a published author :)

    Thunder ==}>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • TresHappy

    I previously mentioned in another thread my encounter with meeting Ellen Barkin at a deli in Manhattan last October. I have to say encounter with Ellen because I didn't speak to her, I just smiled and she smiled back. Does that count with meeting someone famous?

  • freedom96

    Donna D' Erico - Playboy playmate, actress, wife of Motley Crue member Nikki Sixx

    Mark Hamil - Luke Skywalker

    Corey Feldman - Actor

    Bob Eubanks - Concert promoter and host of Newlywed Game

    Michael Jai White - Actor, been in many action movies including Exit Wounds.

    Every member of the music group Styx.

    Alan Thicke - Actor

    Michael Madsen - Actor

    Lou Ferrigno - Actor, the Hulk

    Frank Dux - Martial Artist. His true story was portrayed by Jean Claude Van Dam in the movie



    Entire music group America

    David Carradine - Kung Fu. Personality of a tree stump.

    Phil Morris - Actor, son of Greg Morris from Mission Impossible

    Erin Gray - Actress

    Gil Gerard - Actor, Buck Rogers

    Brian Thompson - Actor

    I know there are others, I just can't think of them right at the moment.

  • Nosferatu
    Mike Watt from The Minutemen/solo stuff. In fact I think I bought Mr. Watt a soda. Huxley

    That's pretty cool. I have a 45 that Mike Watt did in a project called "Chop" where they covered 2 Blue Oyster Cult songs (apparently there's only 200 copies of this 45). He was also in the band fIREHOSE.

  • chester

    I was in the Air Force back in 1960. Stationed in Germany. Took a trip to Amsterdam. Went to a midnight jazz concert. After the concert we all went to an after hours joint to a Jam session. There was a Saxophonist playing and he sounded really good. When he finished he came down off the stage and joined our group. I said, ?Man you are really good. What is your Name?? He said Stan Getz. (See this link www.duke.edu/~lmw4/biography.htm) I don?t know if you young folks know anything about Stan Getz but he is one of the greatest Jazz Saxophonist who ever lived. Remember "The Girl from Ipanema? Yes, I got his autograph and I still have it. He signed my program from the concert.

  • jws

    Randy White of a semi-popular local Wisconsin band was in our congregation. They recorded Elvira (the country song) before the Oak Ridge Boys. Nice guy and smart enough not to stick with being a JW.

    Met Jim and Jennifer Stopla in a bar I was working at. They were sort of famous for being stuck in a blizzard. Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser) played Jim in a 1989 TV movie about the incident called Snowbound.

    Charles Haley of the 49ers and the Cowboys.

    At book signings, Anne Rice, Charlton Heston, Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), Terry Bradshaw, and George Carlin.

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