I can remmember vividly until the age of 4. As a young boy I roamed free in a small village deep in the forest. It was surrounded by trees and filled with green rolling hills, and small mountains, and plains and meadows and fields, with the colors that nature gives to things. The air had the smell of laurel and herbs and trees mixed with the smoke of burning oak and other firewood, and livestock, and black earth when it is moist. It was ecstasy to the senses to live there. The winters were very cold, and we kept warm for a lttle while in the kitchen while the wood burning stove cooked a stew of potatoes greens and pieces of meat. Sometimes, when we took the cows to pasture, my father would build a small fire to keep me warm. This small village was frozen in time, the way things were a long long time ago. Mostly old men and women of 80, 90, and 120 years of age lived there. They walked and worked in their small fields and lived in houses made of rock. At night, the wolves would howl and I would hear them from my bed. Sometimes a wolf would come into our village silently late at night when everyone was asleep. I remember that we saw its footprints on the earth in the morning. One day, we moved far from our house in forest, and settled in a the city. Although I enjoyed growing up in the city, at night I remmeber so much, and dream about our house in the forest, and the music of the wolf.