I was raised in the truth and baptized when I was 15. Spent a great deal of my time in the regular pioneer service. My proudest acheivement is that I made it through five years of college to get my masters in physical therapy while in the full time service work. I am not a fool to not think of my well being. Shame on all who told me not to go to college and pursue a dream. My mother is a very active witness and has told me she will never leave the wts. Although I don't recall asking her ever to do so. I left the society because I was just not happy with that mundane lifestyle and was very depressed. At one point I confided in a elder that I was receiving psychological counseling to help my depression. He frowned upon learning this. His only suggestion was that I just leave it up to Jehovah. Here I was seriously depressed and your scolding for receiving medical attention? It just wasn't right. I would move from cong. to cong. thinking I would feel the love among the christian brotherhood. I never felt that love and came to the conclusion, I should not be a part of an organization that did not foster love. For four years I have shielded myself from anything that is affiliated with jws. It wasn't until feb of 2003 that I started to come out of my shell and begin researching the roots of wts and jws. I was astounded of the many facets of the religion that are false. It hurts to know that I gave 24 years of my life to an organization that was not backed by god. On the other hand I also feel a sense of liberation. So now I find myself still connected to god but not through jws. I am happy to be FREE!