How did you feel when you found out "the truth about the truth"?

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  • sloppyjoe2
    I was a born in and even before the Generations teaching change in 1995 I questioned why God would allow all of this build up for mankind to destroy it. When they changed it in 1995 I was a young teenager and new then and there something was wrong. It gave me the green light in my own mind to look into it. was the first apostate web site I ever visited. From then on I knew it was all just another religion. No real shock or anger, I just knew it was nothing to be excited over.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Well, for me it was a gradual wakening-up per se. It didn't hit me all at once. You could say it was years, and years that made me discover the TRUTH about everything.

    It just added-up over time. With the demise of the Soviet Union in the earlhy 1990s, the generation teaching in late 1995 and then 9-11. Nothing ever happening as a result.

    I began questioning things. Things just didn't add-up anymore. I just began researching through and Cal Lehman ministries and his site His testimony is wonderful.

    Yeah, so all in all, to me it didn't hit me all at once. It took years, and years for it to add up. I guess you could say there was no really shocking moment of Truth, but gradual over years and decades, just added-up over time. Just watching things unfold, slowly, I guess it had a lot less of profound effect on me. I just kind of withdrew from things ever so slowly.

    Things just didn't make sense anymore, add-up.

  • arwen
    I was shocked, sick to my stomach. I knew I had to tell my teenage kids that it was all a lie!!! Then I was angry at myself for being so stupid!!!! Beat myself up for a long time! Now I am grateful that I am free and thank God for getting out!!
  • donny
    It was like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I had heard some comments made by Ray Franz in 1984 on an old religious talk show called "Talk back with Bob Larson" who himself showed to be a few cards short of a deck later on. Ray made comments about 1874 being the original date of Christs return and he talked about the "fake" Mexico card that JW's bribed the officials for which the Society allowed versus the JW's in Malawi who gave up their lives to avoid buying a 25c politcal party card to show their support for the dictator of that country. When I began quizzing the elders on these issues, they were not interested in giving me answers, but concerned why I was asking them and whom had I been talking to. I knew then that they were trying to hide something.
  • Truthexplorer
    Do you remember the scene in jaws when the camera zooms in on Rob Sheiders face whilst sitting on the beach after he realises there's been a shark attack. Well that was the exact look I had on a number of occasions whilst reading crisis of conscience. I was shocked, and deeply annoyed at learning ttatt.
  • Ucantnome
    There were lots of different feelings when I was leaving. First I thought I was wrong. I felt bad that I was questioning things. Later I feel good Armageddon wasn't imminent 20years ago. I felt angry about choices I'd made based on the beliefs we had.
  • Lostandfound

    For many years as an elder I observed the CO as not interested in people, only things, some better than others but all company men with little empathy or compassion. As PO for years I was relieved when every CO visit was over as it was mentally exhausting dealing with them and straight down the line approach they took. I observed most people were trying as best they could in circumstances of family, finances, mental capability etc, COs seemed only to want obedience and generally showed no love for sheep. I had a few well connected friends here and we always said that if ever they changed generation thing then we would be off, surprise, they did change generation thing and all my quite high up friends said Oh well , faithful slave must be right.a

    Around or a bit earlier I dared to look at Internet, always had internet for work for years but had never tried to research WT, what I saw shocked me, ordered all commentary press books and read them in a few days. Had heard CO almost foaming at mouth denouncing RFranz who I had only vaguely heard off but how books convinced me WT was at best mistaken or at worst deliberately deceptive. My wife read books and agreed with me.

    For some years I had been "arkward" at convention elders meeting when changes were announced, asking why this was happening, one small thing concerned congregation management in UK, all cong had to register as charities with the Charity Commisssion all elders were Trustees of the charity with heavy legal and financial obligations. CO wanted elders to agree to sending money to society at circuit assemblies based on having no circuit funds but shortfall made up by charging each cong on a per capita arrangement. I objected as a trustee of my cong as I had no legal right to spend cong money without approval, small thing but sendi g Wt a donation raised by effective taxation methods was plainly wrong. I was in trouble for following my trusteeship obligations when apparently my elders obligations meant I could ignore the law.

    Simons site became known to me and that was it, we were going to escape with the clouds opening before us.

    But child abuse issue made an escape absolutely necessary, I saw first hand the inept and cruel way reports of abuse by an elder were handled. A judicial committee from another congregation handled this as the elder had moved to heir area. The three members of the JC were unfit to clean road gutters and had no perception or principle acting exactly as legal desk "advised" or actually, told them what to do to keep this meter u der wraps. I was fuming and went to the Police myself, who arrested perpetrator and charged him, court case another matter to report on for another day. I was immediately ostracised and left swinging in the wind as things progressed. Before I reported this matter to the police the JC told me that the perpetrator was not disfellowshiped as he had only even a young inexperienced man "practising" I typed up my resignation as an elder etc and took it to KH and left it on rostrum for elders to get. I have never been back or has my wife and despite everything thrown at us since we are much happier and have a loving family around us . You may ask how I was involved in the child abuse case, sadly it was my young daughter who had tearfully reported the abuse to me and her mother, begging us not to take any action for fear of retribution. The manner in which this was mishandled and treatment WE received from organisation has left scars on us that will never heal. My wife wrote to Governing Body expecting some sort of response but of course all she got was a letter from branch promising no help or proper action from organisation.

    You cannot imagine my wife and daughter hearing that this abuser was not to be disfellowshiped, my wife had to be stopped from attacking this person, elders were so inept that I refused to allow them to see any of my children, having seen them demand disgusting and lurid information from my eldest daughter, Finding this site was best thing to happen to us as we debrief ourselves from the Borg At time Simon was talking of emigrating I was very worried that he would now be too busy to maintain this site with all its cost and time demands. Thankfully he has maintained it and it is a rock to lean on. Sorry for disjointed account but very painful too relive all those excruciating times

  • jookbeard
    I was really rather pleased TBH, because the nagging doubts in the back of my mind simply reinforced what I'd suspected all along and I was right, I'm pleased when I'm right or have been vindicated, who isn't?
  • Sabin
    Lost&found, Big hug for your brave family.
  • prologos
    we still do not know the full extent of the truth about "the truth", but when the "superior authority" flip flop exposed the brown colour book's ( "but every man a liar") content as matching man's certain output, my total commitment to wt disappeared. Not "my lord is late" reaction to get drunk, but: 1) see whether this is isolated and there can be reform, now, there is nothing to wt and it's doctrines but a shell, a profitable shell, shall we do something else?

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