How did you feel when you found out "the truth about the truth"?

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  • MarkofCane

    When I first found out the truth about the truth, well, I sat in my chair stunned, my head was spinning. I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time.

    My whole entire life ran through my head. Every part of my life orchestrated around this religion, my view on 'death' that was huge, I hadn't really thought much about dying because I had faith in a after life or paradise if you will. I believed god would answer all our problems and fix every undesirable thing. My marriage was a choice allocated to me by availability and proximity of JW girls. Is my wife a great person?, yes!. She is honest and loyal. I cant regret our relationship its just that it all seams manipulated by a organization by men, that I don't even really know anymore.. My kids raise in the religion of my youth, indoctrinated in the same end time paranoia that I was subjected too. I'm working on breaking the bonds they have on them but its a uphill battle with fanatical family and nosy dubs. My employment, If i could go back in time, I would follow my heart and pursue a degree in engineering. I'm in construction and deal heavily with engineers on a daily basis and am fascinated by it all. I'm to old now and have to much responsibility to go to school now, I feel I was robbed of so many possibility's.

    It really has added so many burdens and unnecessary hardships on my life and family. I always wonder what kind of person I would of been, if it wasn't for this cult.


  • MarkofCane

    Pile Welcome

    One thing that I always come back too when I'm doubting "TTATT'.

    So when you look at the foundation of the organization. What it was founded on was all wrong, example 1914 was based on calculation derived from the Pyramid of Gaza, the obsession with pyramidology was the foundation on which they built the 'truth' from, from there they came up with false prophecy's and end dates that have been adjusted, no not because of nulite but error.

    If this is the foundation of the ORG why would Jesus choose this faith and appoint the slave class from this group? Why not just correct the Catholic church for example or Islam? They were already established they could of easily made correction, already had 40 million members? Why choose and unknown entity with demonic influences? That's what Rutherford call the pyramid influence that Russell was so obsessed with. I'm not advocating for the RCC or Islam just asking?

    Was it because they were so far gone with false belief? Was it any worse then pyramidology involvement? How about the pagan symbols they had all over there ligature at the time? How about the false end dates they printed and said Jehovah has spoken these thing and not by man. Doesn't add up.


  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments MarkofCain!

    I agree with your feelings as expressed above! I have felt the same about so many aspects of our "prescribed" life and the choices we have made as a good witness...

  • LongHairGal


    I was disgruntled for a long time and knew something was radically wrong. I did research on the Internet in 2000. Wow. I found mountains of information exposing the JW religion.

    Much of what I read confirmed what I suspected. I felt a mix of emotions (shock and relief). I was shocked about the U.N. thing and considered it betrayal of the faithful, gullible people in the religion obeying all this nonsense. I was further shocked about the extent of the pedophilia problem in the JW religion. While I believe all religions have it to some extent, I was appalled they outright lied and said there was "no" problem.

    I was relieved in the sense that I was validated in my belief that I could no longer go preaching because I did not believe it was truth - and in some ways harmful.


    I am horrified at the story you tell about the abuse you uncovered - and the subsequent shocking treatment. Words cannot describe what I would think if it were my child.

    I'm glad we are both out of this religion and I hope you and your family have Peace.

  • nevaagain

    I am a born in, so i was indoctrinated from little age. But I always knew, something is fishy, I just was too young to do my research and rather went with it. Something which never made sense, was the calculation to get to the year 1914. Also "the truth" would not need to fear apostate material. I bet, even if someone didnt know about any apostate material, or didnt care to read them, after mentioning it so often in the magazines, some would be curious enough to read it.

    So even though reading CoC was a big reveal, finally everything made sense.

    So to this day, I am a member of a group which is led by a few men who claim to be god’s sole channel of communication on earth, but I the truth here is that god doesnt know anything about it.

  • Perry

    I felt all of the things that other posters listed. Eventually I realized that my feelings were part of the problem. I was a JW because it "felt right", had the "ring of truth" etc. Once I started living by the word of God, and not my feelings, everything changed on a dime.

    "You are justified by faith, not your feelings" - Spurgeon

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