How did you feel when you found out "the truth about the truth"?

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  • flipper
    James Mixon- That illustration you use about the crack addiction connection is one of the best illustrations I've seen here in awhile man ! You definitely get a " G " for good on your counsel slip bro ! LOL. Great comparison. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • nicolaou

    I was a true, hard core believer. When the scales fell I became depressed and physically ill to the point where my GP prescribed medication. I collected my prescription from the pharmacy and went outside.

    I can't remember quite how long I was staring at that packet of medicine, I couldn't believe where I now found myself, lost, no future paradise and about to split the family. My wife, in-laws,siblings and mother were still loyal JW's. Eventually the pharmacist came outside, put his hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay (he knew they were antidepressants).

    It jolted me. I thanked him, went home and threw the pills away. I wasn't going down that route but I would completely support anyone else who did.

    I got practical very quickly. Within a month or so the kids were not going to the meetings and that was that. I was angry for a long time, sometimes I still am but I use that as motivation.

    Sorry, rambling . .

  • Heartsafire
    When I found out about the UN scandal, and I actually read the Bible without a WT around, I remember feeling like the missing pieces were finally coming together. Everything fell into place. The weird feelings and unease I had felt as a JW began to make a lot of sense and be verified. For years I thought that I was the only one on earth that noticed things weren't peachy in JW land. Ttatt validated me in the sense that I realized my suspicions were right all along.
  • Finkelstein

    It wasn't until just recently that I found out about the founder of the IBSA later the JWS was deeply involved in Pagan ancient Eastern mythology such as Pyramidology, but I wasn't altogether shocked for I knew that this organization was either based on corruption or amateurish contrived bible theology.

    Its still surprises me a little that the WTS still holds on to 1914 Christ returning clap trap , but like all other false misleading doctrines, that too will one day be dropped as a intent to uphold a pretentious image around the organization. ( the chosen Org. )

  • blondie
    I felt vindicated and had no problem leaving that day.
  • Bugbear

    Released, liberated, confused, angry, scared……..

    I guess these words are not the only feelings that I had when I realized that I had been prisoned over 5 years as a mental slave. I was an elder at that time with many members in my family in. So I kept on smiling, serviced, talks in congregations and assembly halls. I was very popular . I guess I had cognitive dissonance. I knew I was lying, but had a feeling that it was better for my family to have all these friends. This type of life caused me depression, heart attacks, so I started to slowly fade away and started (against the will of the soc.) to study on university. This only to confirm my earlier understanding. I think my family understood my situation (at least my children) and when one or two of them decided that they no longer wanted to be JW:s, it was time for me to. I had several conversations with both CO:s and Bethel people, and I presented the result of my University studies and they just couldn´t explain all the contradictions and philosophical failure in the soc.s arguments, so they rushed away from my home and I have never heard from them again ---- and now I am only happy and released, deliberated and FREE FREE


  • Khaleesi

    I felt shocked & lied too...blinded, upset & then soon felt a huge relief that I was no longer subjected to bondage to an organization & felt happy about not going to service... Also I felt that heavy load you felt like you don't do enough & will die at Armageddon GONE.. life feels lighter & free....

    It first came about with seeing the yahoo article trending of the australia Royal commision of child sex abuse, I looked up the videos on YouTube & came across a couple who left JW, they mention false prophecies & they brought up the part of WT being a UN member, that was the beginning....Those 2 were major discoveries for me, because immediately I knew at that moment we are the same as other false religions if true....compromising their neutrality is very hypocritical....

    Until recently I discovered also how the followers of Johannes Gerber & his spiritist wife claim that Jehovah's Witnesses champion their bible translation... that was shocking & it disgusted me that they would go that far to fit their doctrines when they did something that GOD detests... the NWT being soo flawed, I refuse to use it after discovering that....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    when i left the cult--in the early 70's---it wasnt because i had discovered some awful truth about it-----just that i had realised the truth about me--i did NOT believe in god--therefore any religion had no further interest to me.

    now--looking at the watchtower from a safe distance--i see it as no different to any other american made spin off religion. there all the same to me. i just feel sad for all the people who need it in their lives---or--even worse--trapped in it for fear of losing ones they love.

  • OneEyedJoe
    I suspect that finding TTATT results in complex emotions in just about everyone. The ones I can most easily identify is feelings of disgust, anger, and betrayal while also feeling vindicated and relieved.
  • stuckinarut2

    Great responses! Very heartfelt and sincere.

    Yes, my reaction to finding so many of these points, was disbelief at first, until the evidence just overwhelmed me...

    Our whole foundation seemed to slip away so quickly like a house of cards....

    The rollercoaster of emotions is huge at first, then lessens in intensity as time goes on....

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