How did you feel when you found out "the truth about the truth"?

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  • stuckinarut2

    So when you FIRST found out specific facts about the organisation, how did you feel??


    The UN membership

    The way 1914 was calculated from pyramid measurements

    Beth Sarim

    Racist magazine quotes

    Child abuse cover ups

    Neutrality hypocrisy / flags flown on Kingdom Halls.

    Requests for money

    etc.... (Feel free to add to this list)

    Did you feel Shocked? Betrayed? Lost? Doubtful? Etc...

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "Did you feel Shocked? Betrayed? Lost? Doubtful? Etc..."

    All of the above.....................but then replaced with anger for accepting what I was being told to accept................. and now replaced with anger & frustration at those blinded ones who are being bled by the parasitic Conglomerate!

  • cantleave

    I felt like this.........

  • Finkelstein

    I felt ah ah ! its just a indulgently corrupt publishing house.

    Hence its calculable lies and deceit.

    Logic follows reason.

    I didn't want to be involved in this corruption so I left and searched out some other Christian based faiths.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    "Did you feel Shocked? Betrayed? Lost? Doubtful? Etc."

    All of the above also. I just felt sick. I had given my life to it. I totally believed it every little part of it. I kept my blinders on like I was told to do.

    When I found out it was all a lie, that I had wasted my life, it was the worst feeling ever.


  • Oubliette


    But then it got worse. Everyone that I thought were my closest family and friends betrayed me again by choosing loyalty to this corrupt, lying religion over me.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • flipper

    I felt very angry several years after I left the JW cult. I was mad when I left in 2003, but by 2006 and 2007 my anger intensified when I learned of the child abuse cases the WT Society was hiding from the public and then learned that WT leaders entire motives have been about pulling a scam or wool over JW's eyes and the public in order to profit financially.

    I still get angry- but I don't let it consume my life. I channel my energies into music, even writing songs about my JW cult experience and try to assist others to move on in a positive way in life. I actually have a deep and abiding feeling of relief, curiously enough - that because of the whole thing being a scam I no longer live in fear or guilt due to the misinformation and false promises the WT Society tries to capture people with. It frees me to go live my life HOW I want without anything holding me back anymore. The big bad dream is not true. No such thing as " Armageddon " or " end of the world " - so I actually find that really freeing !

    I have no feelings of " sadness " over there not being a " paradise " because years before I exited the Witnesses I feel that within myself I actually stopped believing in it- so putting two and two together after I actually got out - it all started making sense to me about the deception the WT Society was pulling over on people all these years. Cherish your freedom of mind people ! It's the unwitting " gift " that we possess that the WT Society was unable to take away from us ! It's priceless

  • Londo111
    I felt: relief!
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I felt very betrayed and I felt like a fool. I was very sad and I cried like a small child after realizing how much of my life (29 years) I wasted on this cult.

    How could I have believed that for so long, just like LITS I kept the blinders on like I was told to.

    Now the blinders are gone, the amount of lies and hypocracy is incredibly. And it makes me sad to see how many people are being misled. It cost me my marriage. I am out of it now and my daughter is out with me.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It would be the same feeling if someone told me at 45 years old I was adopted, my mother was a

    crack addict, no idea who my father was and my three brother and two sisters are not my

    brothers and sisters. It would take a while for that to sink in.

    In a way that's what happen, the brothers and sisters where not true brothers and sisters and

    my Father Jehovah, no idea who he was and my mother the GB acted like someone on crack.

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