The Vaccine mandate has been lifted, with no explanation or apologies

by redsetter2 62 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • ThomasMore

    At least the GB are honest enough to say that no apology is necessary (translated: "We will not be apologizing").

    If they ever apologized, I would be so confused at the 180 degree change that I might start walking in circles. I depend on the consistency of their arrogance and they NEVER let me down.

  • Diogenesister

    Listener good catch! Interesting wording....perhaps to avoid legal responsibility for the Governing Body as a whole??

  • kramer

    The mandate has probably been lifted as in previous years there were hundreds of thousands of not millions of infections a day, and millions died. Now there are very few and because people aren't dying, due to immunity and vaccines. Hence the mandate can be lifted, as it has been in just about every other organisation around the world. However , I would be interested to hear more about all these hundreds of thousands dying from vaccines, could someone link me up to a respected peer reviewed journal such as the New England Medical Journal, or The Lancet ?

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